What happened in the 80's?

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  • crazyblondeb

    We used to do all that fun stuff, too. We'd even get to "hold hands" while skating. Right before I left, we'd all go to the saturday night drive inn, (believe that one!) till I got busted kissing a guy (he wasn't considered a 'good' brother). Best kiss I had!! LOL


  • juni
    one of the chaperones would slip a wt or awake bound volume between the two to make sure they weren't dancing too close. And of course, bible trivia games were a must. Sigh.

    The many uses of the literature. AWAKES make for good traction when placed under a stuck tire in the snow.

    Juni :)

  • Virgochik

    Well, it seems to be pretty much universal then! All work and no play makes Jack a good Witless boy, lol!

  • primitivegenius

    yeah isnt it a shame that these assholes in brooklyn have to try and control every stinking thing. first it will be ..... oh we can have our name used in connection with anything fun cause someone might just have a good time. have costume parties........... no bro and sis cant do that, do you think that first century christians would get together and dress up like the pagans. who gives a flying f&^%. you cant do this you cant do that. a sis started getting together formal parties where you had to dress up in a tux or nice suit to attend. she booked a real nice venue and was catering it, so she charged a small amount.... much less than you would normally pay for a decent dinner out. bros got her ass for music and then it was cause she charged. i mean who cares.......... she had guards at the door to keep all the young folk from inevitably fornicateing in the parking lot(since thats what they must always do according to the watchtower). there were tons of people near where i grew up who always tried and tried to get fun stuff together for the young ones. so we wouldnt seek out worldly entertainment(GASP). each and every one of them got shut down for some BS reason. they never stopped untill they could make that person look bad. geeze enough already lol. they had couple skate at the skateing parties and someone got offended that the guy an gal had to hold hands.... WTF

  • jwfacts

    The WTS started pushing articles on the dangers of large gatherings. I can't find them but remember some articles from the 1980s going in depth into the reponsibility of the person organising the party, even if a sin is committed elsewhere after the party had finished. That scared my father about having large gatherings at our house.

    Here are some articles discussing large gatherings.

    *** km 7/74 p. 3 Social Gatherings ***

    Occasionally we hear that brothers or sisters have rented facilities for dancing, skating and other socializing by Witnesses. The Society has received a number of letters from brothers who are disturbed over what they observe or hear is taking place. Are such arrangements proper?


    It is not the business of the Society or the elders in the congregations to make rulings as to what individuals may or may not do in arranging social gatherings, although loving counsel by the elders is certainly appropriate.


    It definitely is proper for Christians to be hospitable. (Rom. 12:13) But when arranging to entertain others, the size of the gathering is a factor to consider. Experience has shown that there can be pitfalls and problems in connection with large social gatherings. The one who is the host has a serious responsibility. He is accountable for what takes place at a gathering that is under his jurisdiction. At a get-together in one’s own home it is not usually difficult to determine who will be present and what the activities will be. But problems along these lines may increase when there is a large group in a rented facility.


    g86 11/8 p. 12 How Can I Have a Good Time? ***

    Keep your gatherings small and avoid difficulties.

    *** w87 11/1 p. 18 Are You Remaining Clean in Every Respect? ***


    From South Africa comes this report: "Another danger that threatens the moral uprightness of many is large parties . . . some of which were held after sessions of the district convention." However, smaller Christian gatherings that are well supervised seldom deteriorate into "revelries." (Galatians 5:21) If alcoholic beverages are to be served, do so under supervision and in moderation. "Wine is a ridiculer," and under its influence, some brothers have dropped their moral guard or awakened slumbering weaknesses. (Proverbs 20:1) Thus, two young ministers engaged in homosexual acts after overindulging in alcohol.

    *** w92 8/15 pp. 16-17 Social Entertainment—Enjoy the Benefits, Avoid the Snares ***

    Yes, while not condemning appropriate entertainment, the Bible offers us cautions. These include counsel to keep social entertainment in its place as to time and quantity. It also warns us about pitfalls that have been all too common with large social gatherings.—2 Timothy 3:4

  • Leolaia

    Here's a good quote that reveals their attitude towards congregation gatherings:


    w98 10/15 p. 30 Questions From Readers ***

    It thus would not be strange that a couple might on their wedding anniversary take time to reflect on the joyfulness of that event and on their resolve to work for success as a couple. Whether they focus on this happy occasion in private, just as a couple, or they have a few relatives or close friends with them would be for them to decide. The occasion should not become a mere excuse for a large social gathering. On this occasion Christians would want to be guided by the principles that apply every day of their lives.

    So apparently larger social gatherings require a sufficient "excuse" to hold them, and apparently a wedding anniversay (such as a 25th or 30th anniversary) is not a good enough excuse to have one.

  • penny2

    During the 70's the focus was on Armageddon which was going to happen in 1975 (if not before). After that, it was going to happen any minute depending on how long Adam was alone before Eve was created. In the late 70's & early 80's, people started leaving so they (GB) thought they better tighten up. No more fun, no temptation, be even more different to everyone else.

  • nsrn

    I guess I lucked out in the late 70's--there was a larger congregation about 30 miles away with lots of teens. They rented school gyms for basketball games, skating rinks, bowling, putt-putt...I was the typical sweaty-palmed teen, too young to 'date' but definitely old enough to have my heart pounding out of my chest when it came to "couple's skate" and Noble Roman's pizza after. For a teen who was allowed NO extra curricular activites at school, these were highights of our socializing. I was never clear who organized these events or paid (we always had to bring a few bucks). We were supervised by mostly young married couples, ministerial servant types, and sometimes parents. But I don't remember being aware of any hanky panky. The worst thing my tame group ever did was get asked to leave the pizza place due to a brief but intense ice throwing exchange across a few tables.

    Oh, that first kiss...

  • Virgochik

    Ohmogod, Leolaia, I find that article just unbelievable. Not only have they spoiled innocent socializing, but now they are even turning the evil eye upon wedding anniversaries! There might be drinking, and the poor friends would be forced to misbehave like (gasp) homosexuals! If a few drinks brought that out in those brothers, they had wanted to do whatever they did long before that! Good for them, anyway! What next will they turn a pruneface to? Ah! Weddings must be spoiled next, what else is left? What a dismal life it must be currently for the poor Dubs.

  • MissBehave
    "Wine is a ridiculer," and under its influence, some brothers have dropped their moral guard or awakened slumbering weaknesses. (Proverbs 20:1) Thus, two young ministers engaged in homosexual acts after overindulging in alcohol.


    Brother Boone's Farm to Brother Parachute Pants: "I wish I could quit you!"

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