I beg your pardon, but your breast is in my eye!!!

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  • Brigid

    When you said your mouth was wired open, I started to think you were going to say that the breast had possibly ventured elsewhere on your face.....

    <<I love it. That and when I used to have hair to cut rather than shave it all off, and the lady would be pushing her breasts into my back or shoulder while cutting my hair>>

    Right out of High School, I became a hairdresser. Made great tips---and come to think of it, the boys always wanted their hair shampooed, even though it was extra. Oh, I just remembered this guy who came in from the Carnival that was in town!! I kid you NOT---a CARNIEE!! Because I was the new girl, I got Bubba. As I was reluctantly shampooing him, he said, "you sure are purty". EEEEK EEEEEK EEEEEK!!!

    Too funny.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think we need to continue the line of questioning a bit further.

    Has this woman rubber her breast on your eye on previous occasions?

    Have you made an appointment for similar contact in the future? Did you scream?

    What color was the fabric between her breast and your eye?

    Did you have an eyegasm? If so, what is an eyegasm?

    Could you determine if the nipple of the breast was erect?

    What sort of motion did the brest make on your eye? Was it slow and willful or playful?

    Did you have an eyegasm? If so, what is an eyegasm?

    Can you provide this committee with photographs of the breast in question?

    We are only asking this because we are lovers of righteousness, as our huge erections will verify. We derive no sensual pleasure from such questions, only from the answers.

  • rebel8


    Now let's get onto more serious matters. Did you wear thong underwear on your way to the dentist?

  • kid-A

    Im thinking boobs in my face would be a nice way to distract me from the needles and drills....

    Does your dentist take new patients?

  • Elsewhere
    Suddenly, I can tell she's really getting into her work - she's leaning against my face and getting quite vigorous about whatever she's doing to my tooth. Then it dawned on me.... ummm... hello.... your breast is in my eye!!!

    So how can I get an appointment at that place?

  • collegegirl21

    I'm sorry that happened to you. But it is really funny. :)

  • ballistic
  • fullofdoubtnow

    Good one Scully, thanks for the laugh.

    I 'll remember it on my next dentist visit, it might lighten my mood. I just hate going to the dentist.



    When my son was 3 I took him for his first dental appointment and they said it would be best for me to leave the room...little did they know that they had "little hell on wheels" for a patient. (I wouldn't have left him alone except I was good friends with the dentist and assistant!) After they probed around in his mouth, he thought he should be able to do the same to them...so he grabbed one of the tools and started chasing them around the room! Of course, they had to call me back there to get it away from him! They were laughing so hard they couldn't hardly talk! (I had to live with this on a day to day basis...so it wasn't as funny to me.) When I think back on it, I probably should have put him up for adoption!


  • hubert

    That was so funny!!!! Can't wait to show the wifey this one !!

    Thanks, Scully.


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