I beg your pardon, but your breast is in my eye!!!

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  • Satanus

    A breast in my eye would help get my mind off the drilling and stuff.


  • bikerchic

    OMG Scully this thread has me cracking up!

    Until about 2 years ago I had never used anything for pain other than the shots they numb you with when getting dental work done. I totally hate going to the dentist and seriously I nearly faint every time. I had mostly been to the same dentist who knew how I am, but never not once did he offer noxious gas! Well I had my first hit of this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff a couple of years ago (new dentist) and ya know what I actually look forward to going to the dentist!!

    I was sorta embarrassed when I went for my last appointment, routine cleaning and insisted on the gas! They said I most likely wouldn't need it but I told them it's the only reason I came!!! I got the gas!!

    Reminds me it's about time for another check up! Yay!

  • Jez

    My oldest child has always had a really strong gag reflex. When she was about 6 or 7 she was at the dentist getting her regular check up. This new assistant was in there and wanted to take some xrays. I told her that it is going to be next to impossible as when they try to put that gauze in my kids mouth, she can't do it and gags every time. Well this keen new assisant insists that she knows how. I finally back away and say, "ok, try."

    She proceeds to push this gauze into her mouth, my kid gags, gags some more, and before you know it, this new assistant has barf all over the front of her shirt.

    I couldn't help but laugh as I was apologizing. It was the horrified look on her face as she stood in one spot, unmoving, hands held out with gauze in them, mouth a little bit open in shock, that made me unable to stop laughing. I warned her!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I have only ever had male dentists since I left school, but my school dental nurses were not shy about jamming a breast into me while working on me.

    In the days when I still going to hairdressers the girls never seemed to manage to cut my hair without without giving me a few nudges with their roundy bits.

    My physiotherapist was of the tiny bum and big boob variety. It may be that it wasn't deliberate, but she would always find some manouver that had her massaging me with more than her hands.

    It could be a ploy to get repeat business.

    I have never complained or had nightmares abou tit.



  • Scully

    LOL @ Jez serves her right!

    Bikerchic.... I never would have guessed! LOL... I've never tried the nitrous oxide.... maybe next time!

  • unclebruce

    "Breast-feeding is good for you as well as for your husband. Breast milk is cheaper, more hygienic, and more nourishing than any substitute. WBTS calculates that a thousand Elder's deaths each year could be avoided if mothers were to breast-feed hubies for the first four to six months of their taking up congregational responsibilities.. Of course, if the mother has a contagious disease that is known to be passed on through breast milk, then a safe feeding alternative should be used." AWAKE! 1st April 2006

  • Satanus

    Hey, unc. Don't encourage scully.


  • unclebruce

    ssshhh satanus..kick back ..and stay tuned for next months episide of 'when sally met scully'

  • rebel8

    Someone should open a topless dental practice.

    ....still gagging from unc's post...

  • DigitalFokus

    Thanks, I needed that story.

    **dreaming of dental assistants**


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