Long Distance relationships

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  • collegegirl21

    I am biased to hon. A lot of people on my, "Please Give Constructive Criticism" post said no that they don't think that they could work. But I think deep down that if you two feel that it could work then it will. You will just have to remember to have the patience and trust (those are the two most important things they need). Without those then it won't work.

    When my ex-fiance and I did, we worked better long-distance than when we lived together. So yes I think it can work. Am I thinking of the right person? Well PM or I'll talk to you on thomschat :). Have a great day!

  • sass_my_frass

    Hi, my first long-distance love didn't work out only because of the witness issues I hadn't worked through at the time. When it died I decided that I'd date a non-witness again if they weren't long-distance, or I'd date a long-distance if they were a witness.... but wouldn't combine the two 'big ones' again.

    I did though, and now I'm married to him. It was difficult for sure, but we worked it out. I suggest you put a cap on the amount of time you're willing to waste apart from each other though, because life without each other is pointless. Your relationship and therefore your life doesn't really start until you're together.

    On my first I was always so worried that I didn't really 'know him' because we were so far apart. I think that's not true now; I saw my now-husband only a few times a year a couple of years ago and we were still the best of friends, and knew each other perfectly because of the daily email and phone contact we had. When we were together it was so much more beautiful. I finally grew out of the cult and realised that I didn't want to spend any more life without him, and here we are now, never been happier.

    Still that said; we're probably older than you and both know who we are and what we want. I think you're a young student from memory? There's a lot of working things out ahead of you, and when you're through that you might be a different person from who you are now. There's something to be said for growing up together, but it's much better to be with the person who is perfect for you. There are many of them out there, and you might even have one of them right now, but until you know yourself well, you can't really be sure of that.

    much love

  • ballistic
    because life without each other is pointless

    I'm sorry but that's a terrible thing to say! lol, many people come to terms with being alone and happy and find purpose in their own lives without anyone.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    When my ex-fiance and I did, we worked better long-distance than when we lived together. So yes I think it can work.

    Ehhhhhh am I being a bit thick here..

    He's your Ex, you liked him better when he was miles away from you yet you still think long distance relationships work?!?!

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