Are You Truly "HAPPY" Now That You're Out Of The Organization?

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  • Confession

    Yes, I'm happy. Happier. Happiest.

    Didn't think I could be after coming to the realization that WatchtowerLand isn't all it claims to be. Was tough to take.

    But now the sky is bluer, grass is greener and life clearer than it's ever been.

  • jaredg

    can i get a.........


  • greendawn

    This happened long time ago but of course once you get over the JW isolationist mentality and integrate in society and become part of it then you can live a normal life. The WTS has gone to great extremes by trashing all human culture outside whereas they themselves have no culture of note.

    While the world and especially the Christian world for all their serious flaws have produced a lot of worthwhile things the WTS seems to be an anti cultural force.

  • serendipity

    Life is good- and I'm not out of the org, totally.

  • willyloman

    Happy, yes. But a better word for me is: Content.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Although I'm still "in" physically, I'm totally out mentally and it's GREAT! I am happier than i've ever been and more at peace than ever, life is WONDERFUL! I wake up each day rejoicing at being alive with so much to experience and see. I no longer waste a single minute worrying about some damn armaggedon, or tribulation spoiling my party cause I know there is no such thing, only a made up story to scare people into submission, so YES I AM TRULY HAPPY SINCE I NO LONGER BELIEVE!!!!


  • alamb

    I posted this awhile back but it sums life up for me: As a loyal JW, I was ready for my whole world to come to an earth-shattering halt and for life as I knew it to be the hand of my loving God. I would sit in school in my mental bubble and numb myself to the world around me. I grew older and entered the adult world and was aloof in my thoughts that I could not attach myself to any workmates or neighbors and put out my hand in friendship as they could be dead tomorrow and I would have to be OK with that. I only remember a life of grey, shades of grey punctuated by flashes of color and emotion which I quickly prayed to get through and to not be tempted by the colors I had seen. I viewed these as a sign of spiritual weakness and dove back into studying and praying and a living death I called "spiritual paradise".

    After leaving that life behind I now find myself in an exploding rush of emotion and passion and life. Life the people around me think nothing of but it is almost too painful and beautiful and wonderful to endure. I am touched to the soul at the sight of people holding hands, and cry when babies laugh, and am intoxicated by the beauty around me. I am exhausted at the end of each day with the emotions I now can almost taste and the tuggings and longings I now feel to my bones. I want to see it all. I want to feel everything. I want to thank everyone who had a hand in dragging me from the lifeless shell I was in while I fought them off and never forget that gratitude.

    Thank you to the posters here for extending your hands and hearts, the lurkers for your curious spirits ( you aren't seen or heard but are very much felt), and the friends I have made for being the voice on the other end of the phone pointing the way for me, and to the friends I have yet to meet (may we walk this journey together). Life is good.

  • Dismembered

    As a clam

    Montreal eh? Wanda's here we come.


  • xjwms

    When I think of being "IN" gossip, slander, do more's, guilt, and all the rest of it........

    I am glad I don't go anymore.

    I feel better.......................and

    I have been thinking about telling my wife or should I say asking her,..... Would she really be disappointed if I did not attend the memorial this year.....knowing how she is.........I don't know the damage it might do to the frail support system we have with her being "active".


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I was as miserable as Sin for the first year, completely lost. I didn't know who or what I was or where I was going But I started to make mates, form relationships and get my life back together. Now I'm as Happy as Larry and I'm a much better, happier, grounded person than I ever was as a dub.

    The most important thing I learnt in the world was to stop judging people.

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