Did You Lead A "Double Life"?

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  • jojochan
    My personality came through when I was living the worldly part of my life. I became incredibly talkative, funny, and exciting to be around. At the meetings and on service, I was quiet, shy, and shared very little of my true personality with others.

    It just becomes natural. You subconsciously know who you can be yourself around, and who you have to tiptoe around.

    That's pretty much it. I was the same way.


  • caligirl

    Mostly no, but I did have a few short lived boyfriends in high school. It fizzles pretty quick when you are not allowed to go to the movies, or to dinner. I wasn't brave enough to sneak around- unless kissing in the parking lot or a secluded hallway counts as sneaking. I did almost get caught by the teacher my Dad was studying with once while making out in a stairwell.

    Alas, all the things I was rumored to have done was far more colorful than reality, which is too bad really. According to the rumors, I had a lot of fun. I just wish I had been there to experience it!

  • collegegirl21

    I definitely did lead a double life and I still am leading a double life, but I figure that its just helping me learn how to multi-task :)

  • stillAwitness
    I led three lives.

    Ha! Good one! I feel the same way. But I'm with collegegirl..I still live that life now and yeah..it helps when ya wanna multi-task It does get hard sometimes. I have been trained to lie so well since I was 14 and sometimes I don't really know who I am anymore.

  • theinfamousone

    dammit, i invent4ed the friggin phrase, nursing some hardcore hangovers at meetings, running to the washroom to throw up, llike fifteen worldly gfs, and still they thought they should maybe make me a ms... ha ha ha...

    the infamous one

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll



  • Undecided

    Almost, sort of, sometimes, maybe.

    Ken P.

  • minimus

    JWs tell their people that they are THE MOST honest persons in the world!!!! How many elder's kids know exactly how to play the game?? All the other kids get into trouble but the elder's kids always seem to get away scotfree.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I didn't lead a double life as such, I always tried to be the best dub I could, but I behaved a little differently towards my family when I was with them. I always found it hard to talk to them about the wts, though I didn't join in Christmas celebrations etc. As for lying, the only ones I told were in the ministry, and I didn't know they were lies at the time, I believed what I was trying to teach.

  • minimus

    Even the Witnesses that try to be good JWs still know that they are expected to fall on their sword for the Organization if the authorities came after them. Lie, be deceitful, evade the truth-----do whatever is necessary to protect the Organization. Finks will not inherit the kingdom.

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