Did You Lead A "Double Life"?

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  • lilybird

    Well I know my younger sister got in more trouble hanging around with 2 witless girls our mother forced her to hang out with.. One was into pot and sex and the other one taught her how to shoplift!!! Both daughters of "fine upstanding" MS..When she moved out after my mother couldn't deal with not being a witness,she had better "worldly" friends who didn't get her into trouble..We all rebelled in different ways as teenagers in the congregation,,and it was so hilarious watching different ones giving talks and looking so "upstanding".. and the elders thought they were so devoted.... When my husband and I decided to disassociate ourselves,,,his mother said we "took the religion too seriously"... What else were we supposed to do?? We couldn't see the sense.. so many doing what they wanted to do away from the "brother and sisters"...Then at the hall being so pious and righteous.. it was sickening..

  • delilah

    Lilybird, you have just described a congregation that I was in as a young teen. Actually, you've probably described MOST congregations in North America.

    Who, really, didn't lead a double life? I hung out with worldly kids because the kids at my hall were getting into far worse trouble, behind everyone's backs....then getting up to give talks at the hall.

    Kids are kids, and I think the JW's put far too much pressure on kids to behave in such a "christian" way. Of course they're going to stray a little, they want to have fun. We all know it is not fun growing up as a witness.

  • xjwms

    My "Double life" is

    coming here, .. only a few know that.

  • TopHat

    I have been to many churches and seen the double lives that they live so when I became a JW I never expected to see it in the congs...but there it was. AND yes toward the end before I started to fade I lived a double life also...(not in accord with the WTS.)

  • SickofLies

    I only live one life, but I also am careful on who I let know the real me. I don't know if withholding information is considered living a double life, I don't do drugs, I don't steal, I live a moral life, I just don't buy the BS. But at the same time, I don't let the other JW's know that because I'm don't want to deal with the BS right now.

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