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  • SixofNine
    I detest people who were at the top of the organization heap and were validating the nonsense with their "vote". I am a third generation JW with 50 years. I obeyed their stupid rules. I suffered. I never had an Uncle at the top who could pull strings

    JW's are still my tribe and I feel they are still a horse worth betting on.

    You sir, need to run, not walk, to a mental institution. Ask for a lobotomy.

  • Farkel


    : He should have self-published the material and dumped every penny into free distribution. His books ought to be available free.

    Ray DID self publish it. He and Commentary Press are one-and-the-same. He therefore initially took ALL the risks. He's made a halfway comfortable living from his two books, and that's it.

    Risk and return should ride the same elevator, don't you think? Ray took virtually all of the risk, and as such, any return he got is well-deserved. That's how our system works.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • ballistic

    I think that was a very good point about there being 8000 remnant not being used while helpers from the great crowd are. It is very easy to forget that not long ago, there was no great crowd, and it was only invented to explain the way the numbers were growing over 144,000. The elite governing body have turned their back then on their fellow anointed, and possibly view some as "quacks"? , and who is judge of that? What if I get re-instated and choose to have the calling? Will I be viewed as a quack or will I be on the governing body by the time all the others have died?

    I was too far out... and not waving but drowning - Stevie Smith

  • Grunt

    "THEY" were never your tribe or mine. We just thought they were. They (the leaders in the cult) always saw you and me and the other injun's as burden bearers for the B'wana. They were full of themselves and some other stuff I could mention but won't. An exception to this rule was Ray Franz. I don't approve of just the way he handled everything, but doubt that you or I could have done any better. To me he kind of left the spanish guy, his friend in New York out on a limb when the inquisition began. I think he was wrong to defend the party line in Africa about the mediatorship when he thought it was wrong. Still, what he did changed my life and many, many others. Having the intelligence and the power to expose the cult known as Jehovah's Witnesses and doing it, puts him way up on my list. If I ever had a chance I would shake his hand and say thanks. I hope he makes a million on his books though I imagine the best they will do is fill in for a retirement he never accumulated. I left alone. His book and the internet made me feel justified and helped me to KNOW I had made the right decision. Now every chance I get (I was out today) I seek out Jehovah's Witnesses and try to engage them in conversations that will give them a clue as to just what the hell they really believe and are involved in. Ray Franz did a good thing and did it with the right touch to get the maximum effect from it. If the Tower had it to do again, they would buy him a house in Gadsden and pay him enough so that writing a book just wouldn't be worth the effort. If they'd had a brain among them they would have allowed him to help shape them into a real religion instead of a cult.
    I am glad they were idiots.

    You said:

    "But, JW's are still my tribe and I feel they are still a horse worth betting on."

    They are not horses, they are Jack Asses. They will lose every race and stubbornly refuse to admit it when they do. Get close and they will kick your face in through shunning. Never bet on a Jack Ass in a horse race. You got out. You were right to get out. Don't cling to a false illusion about this cult. The Moonies and Garbage Eaters have unity too, it is a sign of a cult. Goosestepping away from families while screaming "Heil Jehovah" is a pretty good indicator also.

  • proplog2

    See all of you in October. All this talk about money reminds me... I have no retirement fund, I rent, I have no health insurance. Gotta get back to work...

    Now where in the hell did I put my ritalin...

  • ozziepost


    I'm sure that when your book is released, if you have a worthwhile 'story', it will be a must read. I look forward to hearing more. We need fresh input for our un-theocratic libraries!


    "A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies"
    ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON, The Grandmother

  • AlanF

    Proplog2, your posts speak for themselves. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


  • proplog2


    Work on your language. Read "Science & Sanity" by Alfred Korzybski.
    You will learn about the word "all" and "is". You will start to use words like "to me" and "up to a point". You will learn to index things by date,time,location etc.

    If you know these things already and don't use them, as I said before your intent will appear similar to a propagandist. (I carefully avoided calling you a propagandist)

  • VM44

    Didn't Alfred Korzybski promote some fringe ideas concerning logic,
    philosophy and cybernetics? I think he had a cult following of some sort.

  • still_in74


    worth a re-read. I thought this thread was great and deserves to be BTTT

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