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  • proplog2

    I am naturally suspicious of anyone who gets too much praise. I am jealous of people that make are better off financially. I detest people who were at the top of the organization heap and were validating the nonsense with their "vote". I am a third generation JW with 50 years. I obeyed their stupid rules. I suffered. I never had an Uncle at the top who could pull strings. I never had access to the juicy crap that Ray was able to gather. Now he makes money on it. He should have self-published the material and dumped every penny into free distribution. His books ought to be available free.

    Some people say Franz had such great courage. Elephant S--t. How much courage did it take to write a book. A lot of us could write a book about our lousy lives - unfortunately no one gives a crap about the experiences of an ignorant, low-life, window-washing, floor scrubbing, carpet laying ex-fanatic.

    Yeah I liked the gossip. Anyone can guess how a watch works but its interesting to take the cover off and see the gears.

    Simply, Franz continues to benefit from his former rank in the organization. One of the things I like to see is the large numbers of ranking people hit the dust. It's great to see these super-fine, holy wonders who sat in on so many judicial cases stumble over their own pride & ignorance.

    I know these feelings of mine are not very healthy. And I continue to work on it. I still feel this organization has achieved a near miracle of unity - in spite of the idiots who would like to lord it over others.

  • sf

    "I know these feelings of mine are not very healthy."

    Is this how You Truly "feel"? Or is it a "belief system" still within you, one that was instilled in You by Another, long ago?

    Who is to say it is "NOT" healthy? And how do You define Your OWN health? By Anothers "book"?

    sKally, Ponderer klass

  • JanH


    Yes, it didn't take any courage from Ray Franz to write the book. It took some, however, to do what he did earlier.

    What it did take was a very good understanding of the JW (and WTS) mindset, and pretty decent writing skills.

    - Jan
    "Doctor how can you diagnose someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and then act like I had some choice about barging in here right now?" -- As Good As It Gets

  • waiting

    Howdy plog2,

    We're entitled to free opinions, as they are free. Since you posted your opinion of Ray Franz, I thought I'd post mine. What if I were him? Well, I would have spent the vast majority of my life just as I have - a faithful Jehovah's Witness. But I wouldn't have put money towards retirement, nor would I have earned any Social Security benefits, nor would I have a company retirement. Since I would have seen the good & crappiness, the lying, the underside of the WTBTS, when I was forced to leave with my wife in tow, I would know a lot.

    Then I go visit a former brother who offers to give me a job, and I get to live in a used trailer with my wife. Oh, btw, I'm in my mid-60's and by worldly standards, pretty much non-employable enough to support myself and wife. Then the local elders come hunting me - shoot me down, and I find myself df'd - now my wife and I are considered *untouchables* under a New Light Law which wasn't even made when I supposedly did the WT Sin. I had dinner with my employer and friend.

    Soooooooo, I start writing, as I know how to do that. But guess what? The most likely target audience for my book will be x-jw's and this is around 1985. Just how many xjw's will hear of my book pre-internet? And how many will put forth the money for a hard copy of a book on religion? Some jw's *might* read it - if they want to go against specific WT law about reading apostate literature.....not.

    Soooooooo, I help some people learn about their religion, make some royalties and maybe I don't have to live in a used trailer anymore? Yippee be damned.

    Oh btw, the WTBTS gives me a settlement of $10,000 for all those years. Perhaps I can put that to buying new furniture for my new trailer? Double Yippee be damned.

    In other words, I think Ray Franz is entitled to any royalities he receives for his well written books. Why? Primarily because he's the author - that's what any author deserves. Secondly, because he was screwed by the WTBTS, and payback is hell.


  • proplog2


    Feelings of envy and jealousy are based on irrational ideas. There is no law in the universe that says some people can't be better off financially than others. There is nothing that says a guy like Ray Franz shouldn't exploit his advantages to the full. Life is tough. At least I wasn't born attached to a twin and have to share his bladder and urinary tract.

  • sf

    What does that have to do with the price of "Eggs" prop?


  • Tina

    Excellent post. I'm printing it out.It's a keeper! Tina

    Carl Sagan on balancing openness to new ideas with skeptical scrutiny..."if you are open to the point of gullibility and have not an ounce of skeptical sense-you cannot distinguish useful ideas from worthless ones."

  • larc


    Ray Franz was a 60 year old man, when they threw him away. He had no retirement whatsoever, and no means of income other than simple manual labor. The fact that he had excellant writing skills and has helped thousands of people, is no small matter. He deserves every penny he gets from his books. As far as his pull in the organization goes, one can not succeend on pull alone. Pull will open doors, but it takes talent to walk into the next room and prove yourself, and Ray is a very talented man.

    As far as you writing a book, if you are a good writer and have the mental discipline to write a book, it might be a best seller. Why don't write for 6 months and tell us what you think.
    There are many great stories written by people with ordinary lives. One example that comes to mind is "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer. It is one of the greatest sociological works ever written. Hoffer was not a socialogist. He was a blue collar long shoreman.

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire


    Being in the WT 29 years I can feel your pain.

    I know these feelings of mine are not very healthy. And I continue to work on it. I still feel this organization has achieved a near miracle of unity - in spite of the idiots who would like to lord it over others.

    I know it must cause some deep feelings of pain to see certain ones get some kudos because they at one time where higher up in the organization than we were and now they have left and everyone falls all over them.

    You gotta admit its only quite natural.
    But you have to realize we really arn't following them. Some like Franz and Dunlap did a lot of people good by revealing information that would be very hard if not imposible to come by. That information has caused in many of us certain thoughts to gel and we can't but feel a fondness for them.

    I hope you find some good freinds, I think that will help you to feel better.

    I'll defend your right to say it, but it doesn't mean I beleive it.

  • proplog2


    Yes, yes, yes.. I know... but nevertheless...

    There is no shortage of tales of woe here.

    But, JW's are still my tribe and I feel they are still a horse worth betting on.

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