Food at Proper Time:Insider's Insight from Barbara

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  • Seeker

    Fascinating anecdote, Barbara, thanks for sharing. I always figured that's how it played out, but it's always good to have some confirmation.

    Question: Is the denigrating of the Nethinim article your personal take on it, or is it viewed at HQ as a millstone idea they have to live with even if they consider it rubbish? From what I can tell, the Nethinim idea is moving full steam ahead, gradually paving the way for non-anointed to completely take over. So I was surprised to see this article viewed as foolish, unless that is just your, Barbara's, personal take on it (as it is my take).

  • JT

    Max and Barb

    we are here on the floor- if this is the writer i think it is
    you are so true about this guy.

    well thanks for the bethel stories

    they are the funniest


    Barb I got to to talk to you - now i can pick my wife up off the floor

  • seven006


    Thank you for your post and thank you for posting the reply from the organization's faithful servant. If the reasoning is correct in that the JW religion is indeed god's organization and the writers make mistakes because they are "imperfect humans" it certainly explains all the contradictions that appear in the bible and the JW publications.
    What it doesn't explain is the so called "inspiration" factor. I guess god only inspires man to write on his behalf but doesn't take the time to either "direct" or "proof" what his inspired writes write. It must be that the writes are inspired but the proofers are on their own. Even the copy for a TV ad about laundry soap seems to have more attention put on it for accuracy then the inspired writings of the Watchtower society. The TV ad writers are imperfect humans but they seem to get the job done right. That's one difference, and the other is they use the term "New and Improved" instead of "New Light". In both cases it's the same old bullshit.


  • Maximus


    On a previous thread I posted the gross distortion of Professor Frank Gorman regarding pouring out of blood. (They have not heard the last of that one.) That outrageous act illustrates the problems the Society gets into when it starts with a conclusion and then looks for quotations or Scriptural examples to make its point--rather than look at the facts dispassionately and THEN come to a conclusion. I've posted about the late Sir Fred Hoyle, who was similarly misquoted for decades, and on and on.

    You are correct, Seeker. Because of the aging GB and their obvious inability to care for the growing work load, it was obvious that non-anointed men be used in some recognized fashion. That CONCEPT of necessity is moving full steam ahead, as evidenced by corporate changes last year and more to come. How best to present that notion to the brethren, since they were so used to direction only by the remnant of the anointed?

    Where they got into trouble was trotting out the Nethinim gambit to explain things. Anyone who carefully works through the scriptures involved is left with the clear impression this was a terribly strained concept, at best, a horrible misapplication in reality. One would today be called a Jonadab more quickly than Nethinim class at Bethel. It just flopped, and the term has met a bland and quiet fate, I believe winding up in a Proclaimers footnote.

    Ah, but there were three terms: Nethinim, "chieftains" and "glorious ones."
    You know which two are used frequently today. (Isn't there a scripture about lording it over the brothers ... ?) It's about as acceptable as believing that Isaiah prophesied about Naval ships off the coast of wherever. Most senior men I know snigger in their sleeve at such unpalatable food, but continue to smile and play the organization game.

    The failure of Armageddon to come when convenient has posed serious consequences that are going to continue to plague the organization.


  • SixofNine

    That would be off the coast of shittem, I believe, Max. I-say-ah, Kips of shittem...Lots and lots of boats 'n boatloads.

    The failure of Armageddon to come when convenient has posed serious consequences that are going to continue to plague the organization.

    Still, is fair to ridicule these glorious ones for God's failure?

  • waiting

    Howdy Maximus,

    The "glorious ones." I think that one stuck in my craw worse than the others. The "Nethinim" just seemed rather logical - the men were old, they needed help - and the pickin's were getting slim among the anointed.

    But the "glorious ones" name was shoving it in our faces. These were our family, our friends, our enemies, our equals who lorded it over us. And now? The elders are put on a level with what some biblical translations reserve for angels.

    the coast of shittem, .....lots and lots of boats - 6of9

    Ain't that the truth.


  • Moxy

    glorious ones?

    the term i heard most often from bethelites was "given ones." isnt that the most common term today?


  • biblexaminer

    I was at the WT study that day for the nethinem article. The conductor, an elder, put his thumbs where suspenders would be and put his shoulders back. He smiled and went on about how "glorious" they (elders) all would be.

    He's dead now. Cancer.

    Not so glorious.

  • Maximus

    Hey, Mox!

    You still saying "rendezvous"? "Given ones" is a dead term. They just call 'em GB assistants.

    Seriously, "glorious ones" is now identified with <can't get this out> ELDERS

    Watchtower lawyer Mario Mareno wasn't up to date either, when he referred to these spiritual shepherds as "untrained volunteers." Oh, yes. Forgot.
    That was to a newspaper reporter, for legal reasons.


  • Ranchette

    Max and Barb,
    I just want to thank you both for sharing this information with all of us.I need a little time to digest it all before comment much,but that email you got Max,is just plain scary!It was one of the most hateful things I've seen so far.This is how they act when the not so pretty truth comes out!Thanks for sharing it because it exposes the way witnesses think.I'm ashamed to admit it but I remember a time when this could have been me.I know many others would agree if they could remember how it was being a witness ,field service is not an option.
    I did not appreciate any one making it any more difficult than it already was.I don't think I would have gone as far as to email you but I bet I would have been praying that Jehovah bring quick justice,remember all those stories they told us about major opposers and persecuters being struck dead?I'm saying this because this person didn't come up with this thinking on ther own.They were trained this way.That should be both sad and alarming to every one here.

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