Well My cong. is hosting the CO & the DO this week…….whooppeeeee!!!

by lost_light06 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Is he giving the talk about Jonah? That's the latest D.O. talk I heard about. Hope you enjoy the "special week of activity".

  • xjwms

    "special week of activity"

    OOOOOOO that just gave me the shivers

    Some comments just stay with you don't they.


    Special week of taking even more of your freetime away from you. How can Jah be the happy god if his so called "named" people are pushed so hard that they dont even have time to take a crap anymore.

  • anewme

    XBEHERE, your comment is so true. When do they have time to themselves? Who wants to take a crap at 2 am?

  • lost_light06

    Ohhhhh NOOO! don't take a crap during meeting, that's bad! I remember being counseled at meetings and assemblies about not going to the bathroom during session, you might miss out on the spiritual food. YOU KIDDING ME! I have to drink at least 5 cups of coffee before each meeting just to keep myself AWAKE! for them and you want me to hold it so I don't miss any of the regurgitated crap some bored elder is spewing from the podium?

  • Dune

    Hate to burst your bubble. (Thats if you even care, lol) but they say that the congregation with the DO and CO are usually the ones with the most problems at that time.

  • Tish

    Well if you want to borrow my kids to get rid of them then please feel free. When I had the CO for dinner my daughter threw a roast potato at the CO's wife, that got rid of them!!!

  • crazyblondeb

    I'm staying with my JW mom. The C.O. visit is this week. They actually live 30 miles from here and so will go home every night. I can't decide if I want to go to a meeting just to mess with them. Don't think I want to go that bad!!

    Last night I laughed ssoooo hard at her. She knows I "visit" these sites. She's worried that I'm going to "take something off her computer and share here"!! It was so nice to tell her that there wasn't anything that we needed, seeing how we find out some stuff before they do. She was "shocked" that I said the "we" word. She said that "means that you belong to these places." I throurghly enjoyed telling her it was more like having a REAL family and REAL friends!!!


  • Cellist

    Well, you know what it says in Rev. Those who worship the beast will have no rest, day or night.

    xjwms - When I read that expression, "special week of activity", I got the creeps too. Amazing how some expressions can still resonate after so long.


  • IronClaw

    CO and DO. You better get double the Barf Bags!!!!

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