Well My cong. is hosting the CO & the DO this week…….whooppeeeee!!!

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  • Kudra

    I feel like a nerd...
    I always was really excited about the "special week of activity" and would try to get my mom to go out in service with me. We felt so good that we were encouraging each other, with my dad "not in the truth" and all...
    all that stuff made me happy... I felt like I was helping Jehovah.
    Sort of bittersweet memories. Good times, wasted by not getting a real life going, but good times (for me) nonetheless. **expecting rotten tomatoes from the uber-apostates...**

    But I have a question. I don't understand how the elders would "ass-kiss" the CO and DO. Like, what would they do to kiss ass? I can't think of anything they would do...
    Please explain- this is interesting!

  • misspeaches

    You know what annoyed me more than the extra long meetings and extra boring talks from the COs and the DOs...?

    All the little asskissing goodytwoshoes who would turn up to all the meetings and field service arrangements whenever they visited. Yep - you know the ones. They hardly ever turn up but you can guarantee on the Sunday they will be sitting in the front row with their hand up for every question in the Watchtower.

    Actually my mother (devout r&f JW) had this thing about NOT going to the Saturday witnessing group whenever they did visit. She didn't want to appear that she was putting on a special show just for them. So it was the only weekends we got off from going knocking on doors and harrassing people!

  • watson


    I enjoy these weeks of special activity more than any other!! It is so fun to watch the MS and Elder wannabees dance the dance. I love it when something stupid is done, or said from the platform, and the PO quickly glances in the direction of the CO/DO. New suits, dresses, specially rehearsed parts and comments. It is truly heartwarming.

    But I have a question. I don't understand how the elders would "ass-kiss" the CO and DO. Like, what would they do to kiss ass? I can't think of anything they would do...

    I cant speak for other countries or other areas of the U.S. but here its taking them to expensive places for dinner or lunch. Even more crucial for good ass kissing is to show up at every single weekday meeting for service while CO is there even though Brother Elder is never out during the week the rest of the 5 1/2 months the CO isnt there. Then they will try to work with the CO during the week to talk trash about the other elders or servants and I know for a fact that they do this because CO tried to pry info out of me on several occasions by asking skilled, pointed questions...i.e. "so what do you think of the quality of your meetings? Do the elders prepare well?" or "So do you think your territory is being covered well enough, do the friends have territory available?" These questions are designed to allow the elder being asked to say nothing or to blast the elders for not preparing properly or to implyt that the Service Overseer isnt doing a good job and should be replaced. These are just 2 examples, there are many more questions CO can ask.

    Also popular for ass kissing is excessive commenting at the WT Study and Bookstudy for the week CO is there. Arriving 20-30 minutes before congregation meetings start even though this same elder usually strolls in during the song. I can go on but I think you get the point yes?

  • truckerann

    Funny you should mention eating at expensive resturant...one time in our cong. the brother who signed up to take the DO/CO out to eat forgot so we ended inviting them to eat with us and they were insulted that we took them to Mickie D's and they had to pay for themselves...boy were they offended!!! Hey I was the one who had to share my lunch with my little boy because we had not even planned on going out for lunch that day...Maybe I should have taken them to my little apartment and serve them the bologna and cheese sandwich I had planned for all along...

  • candidlynuts

    the men in my family that served as elders made the comment a few times that the CO and DO together meant they were out for blood..if the hours didnt improve and if the donations werent up to par, some elders were going to get removed..and the elders would fall all over themselves to provide fancy meals, take them out for some entertainment, buy them vcr's or whatever to stay on their good side.

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