What about calling out to Jah?

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  • unclebruce
    Since moving to the mountains and not attending "church" for these last 5 years, I notice that the many little animals that inhabit these canyons do not go to church either on Sundays.

    Neither do they go on Thursday nights or come to my door and preach to me on Saturdays. In fact, all these creatures of God as we call them, do not even pray!

    LOL! I've been away from my bush humpy for the best part of a year. Today I returned only to find antichrists* have taken over my sock drawer!

    *antichines are curious gentle mouse like marsupials that go off like little tigers if they see an ordinary mouse or a rat. (the rats have no chance against the antichrists!

  • ButtLight

    The last time I called out to him, the next day the jw's were at my door. A few weeks later they df'd me. So, maybe he was looking out for me?

  • FairMind

    I’ve often prayed to Jehovah and believe he has answered many (but not all) of my prayers. Of course there are people who ridicule the idea of praying but since I believe in God, I figure that it can’t hurt.

  • unclebruce

    There's nothing wrong with prayer. I cringe at the thought myself but it has been proven to have placebo like effects on believers .

  • Gregor

    Religious people call it prayer. But athiests can "pray" too. It is called "Positive self talk" and works basically the same as prayer. Either one is a healthy way to meditate and mentally organize your concerns by vocally or mentally verbalizing.

    Asking, or supplicating, for strength to deal with the serious things life throws at us.

    Airing our guilt or asking forgiveness for doing the things we know we shouldn't have so as to start fresh with new resolve.

    Putting our life in perspective by thanking God or Providence for the things we do have, including life itself.

    But I think the power of religious prayer is corrupted by expecting Gods answers to be manifest in the external, physical world. ("Dear God, please help unle Bill to quit being an asshole") Yes, there are those co-incidences (Wow, uncle Bill sent me a birthday card!) that can reinforce the idea of spiritually interacting with "GOD" , but, more often than not, the individual feels that their prayer went unanswered ("Please make Bob/Sue notice me and get the hots for me").

    For me, the 'prayers' that work are those that refer me back to myself and my outlook for the answers.

  • unclebruce
    For me, the 'prayers' that work are those that refer me back to myself and my outlook for the answers.

    You mean like this: Dear gregor GOD, what are your views on the formation of brainwashing cults for the purpose of monitary gain?

  • Gregor

    As you well know UnkyBruce, I have a cynical streak a mile wide. I really think we should start our own religion. Monetary gain would be an unavoidable side effect. Helping the little people would be the reward.

  • hallelujah

    What do you think about the JW's efforts to induct the Aboriginal communities? I can understand why they go to a religion which preaches moderation in alcohol etc. etc.
    As several have said to me, where do you go? Well the only thing I can say is that we have to rely on ourselves just like Jesus did.

    An Aboriginal community at Napperby asked a pioneer witness couple to leave a couple of years ago. Perhaps they made a decision that they didn't want the proselytising?

  • Boxed elder bugs
    Boxed elder bugs

    Maybe he just doen't hear us, he is old after all. Maybe we need to get a giant microphone that blasts into outer space, "can you hear me now, Jehovah, can you hear me now?"

  • jwfacts

    There are very few Aboriginal JWs and most do not get to a level the white people think are worthy of privileges. I was on Thursday island and only one Islander brother made it to be an MS, all the other were not literate enough or able to change from island time. Somehow I do not think Jehovah judges these people by caucasian standards, but the brothers seem to want to.
    In regards to prayer, it is positive self affirmation, something scientific studies have proved works. It does not matter if you pray to Jeh, Jesus, Allah or you pet cat, the affirmation works. What happens to all those prays that didn't work? A JW will say that it was not God's will, or that God requires persistence. I know single 40 yo sisters still persistently praying for a husband, why didn't God help them?

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