What about calling out to Jah?

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  • hallelujah

    The big to me is what about Jehovah.

    After years of calling out to Jah, literally, I start to wonder whether Jah really helps me or rather it's just a type of mantra.

    I have started thinking that I have to look after myself. Any thoughts?


  • Frog

    hey there hallelujah:) sounds like you're answered your own question! When I first started to fade this was one of the first things I questioned after having spent my whole childhood & adolesence calling on Jehovah and somehow finding sollace in it. If you believe strongly enough that an act of prayer to a being you've convinced your psyche exists then there's no reason why you wouldn't find some sense of relief in it. I remember spending many nights as a child begging Jehovah to help and understanding and the following morning somehow feeling a sense of relief. In hindsight I believe it was just the exercise of acknowledging the pain & sooking it out that gave me the emotional release I sought, since the underlying issues always remained. I think a mantra as you say is an excellent way of putting it. It's just one method of coping I guess, no different perhaps to chanting monks...although perhaps a little less effective ;) x

  • deeskis

    yep that was something that confused me growing up a jw.

    how jehovah could let terrible things happen, even to his chosen people, eg, witnesses in german concentration camps. my parents said that it was because he was resting in the 7th day. Yet when an example might be given at a meeting of how he had protected his people there was no mention of him resting.

    didn't add up for me.

    best wishes


  • Honesty

    I call out to Jesus. He hears me.

    When I was in the WACKTOWER cult I never had Jehovah answer prayers. It may be that He was a bit upset that I was unknowingly worshipping the FDS instead of Him.

  • Frog
    my parents said that it was because he was resting in the 7th day

    oh yes, the whole Jehoba is doing billions of people a favour by giving them the chance to live and die in this system of apparent misery so they can be raised again after the big A, then tempted again by the debil after the thousand year reign of jebus, which evidently could be at anystage of the thousand years depending on when you get rolecalled up from hades, only to probably be one of the many grains of the sands of the sea that can't be numbered who perish in the permanent firey pit of Gehenna :))

  • hallelujah

    It really worried me because I know that I really damaged myself (split my mind) by practising Vipassana meditation - where you have to say "I surrender myself completely to Buddha [a dead man] and my present teacher [Mr S.N. Goenka] for proper guidance and protection" and then running into the arms of the Jehovah's witnesses only to get more damaged and I wonder how on earth I came to be so affected.

    Bowing down to Mr Goenka was damaging - but I really started to wonder why I wasn't getting better but rather was getting worse. When I looked at the Jehovah's Witness organisation I realised that I was bowing down to the men of the governing body as well as to the dead men's bones within, those of Rutherford, and of Russell.

    That's when I realised that what they call "Jehovah's organisation" is an occult and the sheep are sheep being led to the slaughter by the governing body. But what they don't realise is that they too are doing worship to the dead men's bones within, those of Rutherford and Russell.

  • hallelujah

    Thanks deeskis. Nice to talk to you.

  • unclebruce

    g'day Dan,

    Interesting thread. A simple test is whether a teaching is for our benifit or the benifit of the one doing the telling. If something doesn't empower us it's just not worth wasting time on. This is where the eastern religions have it all over the western tradition. In the west we've fallen for following the codes of long dead patriarchs. No thinking required, leave your brain at the door kinds of religion. All that can be said has been written and passed down. Priests guard and interperate the rules and meaning. Blind obedience is all that is required. Enlightenment need'nt be sought.

    The eastern tradition on the other hand is about the journey. A personal journey that shouldn't be rushed.

    cheers, unclebruce who avoids fast spiritual food and the shallow plastic Gods of mass manipulation.

  • hallelujah

    Hi Bruce. Did you read my post above yours about my experience with Vipassana - a technique of meditation supposed to have been taught by Gautama Buddha? Sounds nice in theory but when a person surrenders themselves completely to the teacher as requested, this foregoing of personal autonomy is in my experience extremely dangerous and damaging and soul destroying.

    I suppose we're all on our own to work things out for ourselves - just as Jesus did.

  • hallelujah

    That's what I first saw too, that suffering to preach a lie of different classes of human beings was the essence of the Watchtowersociety.

    Another thing, what about the Jephthah's sacrifice of his daughter to YHWH at Judges 11:39. This was done by Jephthah in thanks for YHWH giving him victory over his enemies. While biblical scholars acknowledge this as human sacrifice amongst the hebrews of the old testament, the WTS says that this was only a figurative sacrifice of her father compelling her to remain a virgin for the rest of her life. This doesn't sit well with the verse as generally which states that what he did to her was an act which he did to her (not something which he continued to prevent her from doing for the rest of her life)

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