What about calling out to Jah?

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  • hallelujah

    Thanks I appreciate that. I've come to the same conclusion since Jesus never killed anyone.

    YHWH - Jehovah killed quite a lot of innocent children in the early parts of the old testament. Never could get a satisfactory answer from an 'elder' about that?

    What's the FDS?

  • unclebruce

    Yes I read that with great interest Dan. What did Van Morrison sing .."no gury, no teacher, no method just you and me and nature ...

    I believe the jew Jesus, as leader of the Nazarine Party was far from alone in either tradition or belief.

    I supose in a sense we are all alone but we are also part of a very big whole .. geez it's 4am my brain's turned into a slug lol

    pleased to meet you, unc. EDIT: FDS = The Faithful Discreet Slave (a class of unfaithful indiscreet power hungry men ;)

  • anewme

    Ha! I like that phrase Uncle Bruce "leave your brains at the door kind of religion"! How funny and so true!
    And Halleluia, you are so right about those religions that promise personal freedom but in actuality just enslave you to worshipping another human (or dead humans)

    These days I dont listen to ANYONE without questioning their motives or questioning whether they are a con artist or trying to enslave me in some way. And if you protect yourself this way you will find most of the religions fail to be healthy to the individual seeking freemdom. They ask you at some point to leave your brains at the door.

    As for calling out to Jah. This is a sensitive subject for me. Having been kicked out of the org and supposedly thrown out by Jehovah himself, I imagined myself like Adam and Eve being ousted from the garden and told not to try to come back.

    The times since then when I have wanted to cry out to Jehovah I have literally felt I was crying from Hell.
    In my life as a witness I did feel God was hearing me and cared, but this feeling is now gone.
    Yes, they have gotten to me and the brainwashing is complete.
    I feel banished and exiled from God and there is no point in calling out to him any longer.

    I will live out my time on the earth and then die and return to dust and be remembered no more.
    Sad, but this is how I feel and thankyou Wacko-tower so much!!!!

  • hallelujah

    How do I make these replies look like everyone elses???

    I'm a Sydney sider married to a witness - and I'm trying to let her know the real danger she's in from the WTS. I think the WTS is an occult which worships the dead men's bones of Russell and Rutherford and the belief in the anointment of the 144,000

  • hallelujah

    Hi Anewme - I've felt the same way. (Actually I've ordered "Jehovah Unmasked" on amazon - it looks like an interesting read).

    I mentioned in an above post about the sacrifice of Jephthah and how she's one way or the other supposed to be happily (or unhappily) sacrificed to Jehovah. And then I ask, to whom was Jesus sacrificed? If he was sacrificed to God - then what sort of God demands the blood of an innocent in sacrifice. If Jesus was sacrificed to Law, then the law is supposed to be higher than God - but what kind of law demands the blood of an innocent in payment for the sins of others.

    I prefer to think of Jesus murder in more rational terms. He though having committed no crime was murdered and yet forgave his murderers. In his death he showed us a way of living.

    Actually trying to debrief from one cult is hard enough but when you've got to debrief from two it's pretty serious. I suppose it must be pretty bad too for people who grew up in the hold of the WTS. The combined effects on me was pretty devastating - surrendering personal autonomy to another person, - leaves an empty head and heart when it comes to directing your own life.

    As for the importance of using the name "Jehovah" - the German middle ages interpretation of YHWH, I noticed in the Bible that Jesus called out repeatedly to "Father", and furthermore invited us to do the same in the Lord's prayer.

    So much for the "discovery" by the leader/s of the WTS that none of us (only the 144,000 - the chosen ones, the anointed of God, Christs Brother's, Jehovah's virgin wives, etc ad nauseum, are God's children. Jesus asked us to pray to our Father.

    You will be

  • unclebruce
    How do I make these replies look like everyone elses???

    Good question. Here's a quick lesson:

    When you type some text just highlight a word and click on the B or I or U above and watch what magically happens. Highlight another word and press the A button on the right to change text to red.

    Another feature is to add "smilies". Just click on the above and choose one by left clicking on it.

    come on give it a go with some jibberish ...

  • hallelujah
  • OpenFireGlass

    JAH = Just


    Hippie ?

  • anewme

    Hallelujah, since you addressed me in your last post I feel obliged to reply.

    You have been through a terribly difficult ordeal----coming out of two cult organizations.

    I think seriously you should take a complete break from religion and worship of any kind and just be a human being for awhile.

    I have always been a worshipper of God, a Catholic who wanted to be a nun and then a JW.

    But since being so hurt by both religions I am very skeptical of falling again into another trap.

    Since moving to the mountains and not attending "church" for these last 5 years, I notice that the many little animals that inhabit these canyons do not go to church either on Sundays.
    Neither do they go on Thursday nights or come to my door and preach to me on Saturdays.

    In fact, all these creatures of God as we call them, do not even pray!

    I have never observed them kneeling, crying out, swinging incense or leaving leaflets.

    And yet, as Jesus said, the Father cares for every sparrow that falls.

    They just live their lives being ducks, goats, cows, deer, magpies, pheasants, foxes etc and God loves them.

    "Do do others what you would have them do to you" That's it! Church Service over!!

    Hallelujah, most of mans religions are a "snare and a racket"! Most are all about a few gaining power over many.

    Get far away from these.
    There is another way to find inner peace.

  • hallelujah

    Thanks Anewme

    I really like that. I've printed it and signing off to ponder.


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