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  • wednesday

    Are there no xjws lawyers? What about Kimbrelee North? Or the lawyer who wrote the paper on blood ? I know she specializes in abuse but this certainly is abuse, and it would bring her and her law firm a lot of publicity. That is what is needed a lawyer who wants to use this as a vehicle to make a name for himself. we are all really looking out for number one, and if a lawyer could be convinced that it would make the big news, perhaps., they might take it.

    good luck lawerence. I will also conribute to a pay pal account.


  • rebel8

    I imagine only Canadian lawyers could advise Shunned Father on Canadian law.

    Does anyone here have web space for ?

    I have offered use of my web space for free to Shunned Father many times, the last of which was in this thread. There are many of others who would as well. He just needs to

    1.respond and say if he wants us to publicize his story on our webs (I would never post such a story on my web without the guy's permission. Who knows if it would affect his lawsuit? I don't want to take that risk. Plus it needs to be his choice. When someone doesn't avail themselves of offers for use of web space, I accept that as a declination of my offer. Some ppl do not want their info put up on web sites and I respect that.)

    2. set up a Paypal account

    3. give us the account name so we can link to it

    I read the suggestion for the forum to set up the Paypal account for Lawrence but that creates a lot of unneccessary work. That would mean someone would have to manage the account, withdraw the funds, drive to the bank, purchase a money order in foreign funds, etc. All of that is completely avoidable; Lawrence can create a free Paypal account in less than 10 minutes, and he will have the funds directly and quickly without all that hassle.

  • DannyHaszard

    Hughes case up at Forbes Religion News in Brief
    Forbes - 11 minutes ago March 9 2006 1:25 est
    ... CALGARY, Alberta (AP) - A grieving father says he will continue his fight against Jehovah's Witnesses and their prohibition of blood transfusions after a court ... Father to continue battle with Jehovah's Witnesses over daughter's death

    CALGARY, Alberta (AP) - A grieving father says he will continue his fight against Jehovah's Witnesses and their prohibition of blood transfusions after a court decision partially cleared the way for a wrongful death lawsuit.

    Lawrence Hughes filed the 2004 claim as executor of the estate of his daughter, Bethany, who died from acute leukemia in 2002 at age 17 after repeatedly refusing conventional treatment because of the faith's teaching.

    A judge decided Hughes cannot proceed with claims against the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society because the court cannot arbitrate religious dogma. But Hughes can continue suing lawyers Shane Heath Brady and David Miles Gnam, Witnesses who represented Bethany, her mother Arliss and the Watch Tower.

    The judge said the lawyers were not in a position to advise Bethany objectively, so that she could make a free and informed decision. Brady called the ruling "silly."

    Hughes contends that the ruling means "a religious sect or cult can be held responsible for the injury they inflict on others, whether it relates to deliberately giving out misleading medical information or using institutional coercion." He said he might appeal the ruling so he can also proceed against the Watch Tower directly.

    Bethany's illness garnered attention across Canada and renewed public debate over the circumstances under which someone under age 18 should be able to decide on medical care.

  • Scully

    I just received Lawrence's PM saying that he has set up a PayPal account.

    For anyone wishing to donate funds, this is the e-mail address of his PayPal account: [email protected]

    I hope this helps facilitate the process for everyone.

    Also, Lawrence has given his blessing to anyone who wishes to "spread the news" about this story and request donations on his behalf. If you want to set up a page on your own site to do this, you have his permission to do so. Feel free to include the e-mail address above as the contact address for the PayPal account.

  • Bryan

    Thanks Scully!

    For anyone wishing to donate funds, this is the e-mail address of his PayPal account: [email protected]


  • rebel8

    Here you go, Lawrence. http://jwinfo.8m.com/blood.htm#Hughes

    Best wishes.

  • Gary1914

    Rebel8, you made it so simple. I can even contribute with my credit card.

    Thank you!

  • Scully

    rebel8 - thanks for making that link on your site!!

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Rebel8 That is an awesome page you made for Lawrence and Bethany. I’m glad he obtained a Pay Pal Account. Here is his reply to my last e-mail. He just has instructions for North American donations. U_R,
    I have set up a paypal account. The email address for the paypal account is: [email protected] For those persons who live in North America, I would prefer that they mail me a draft or certified cheque, or cheque. That way I can photocopy them, keep a log of donations and return the money to them if I win the lawsuit or do not need the money. I also would like to know who donates so that I can thank them. Please pass on this message. Thanks. Lawrence Still I am hoping he goes beyond his Court Battles and goes for making something along the line of making a Law in Bethany's name that would not allow minors participate in any Religious Practice that endangered their lives. I think he is focusing one goal at a time.

  • deeskis

    Thanks for the paypal link, rebel.

    Best wishes Lawrence


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