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  • chasson

    M. Hugues,

    Could you open a paypal's account for international poster like me. I could only send you money via paypal.



  • Dansk

    Couldn't the forum help regarding a PayPal account? We've done this in the past re another case.


  • Scully


    It's probably easier if Lawrence sets up the account himself - at least for the time being - I haven't seen Simon around for a couple of weeks at least... don't even know if he's aware of this new development.

  • bebu

    I'll send something as soon as I see a paypal address.

    I hope that this plea is being copied out to other boards!


  • Nosferatu
    It starts with being afraid to eat a Hot Cross Bun, hit a piniata,

    Hitting pinatas is okay now, according to a recent Awake!

  • hubert

    bttt again


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Here is a portion of what I wrote to Lawrence and then below that his response.


    I have no money save for 5 dollars as I am a single parent. Still, my daughters are artists that could if you like design tee shirts for Bethany 's cause and a Web Site for information. Bumper stickers would be most awesome!! There is cafepress.com that you could get a shop in the name of the cause for Bethany You will be starting a cause in Bethany 's name for children abused by religion. Have you had that epiphany yet? You are like the man in Texas who started EquaSearch. You are very driven for your daughter. This is Bethany 's legacy. To protect all children from the evil of domineering cults or Religions gone bad. If I were a millionaire I would help much more then offering the services of my daughters but, I am not and this is all I have. Still Who better to design Bethany ’s campaign Logos then an Ex Jw Teen (15) and Young Adult (20).

    I thank you for wanting to help and I appreciate any ideas, brainstorming is good, and I like your ideas very much. I think we could get alot of peolpe involved in this to help. Please give it some extra thought and we can talk later. I do need a web site but I have been quoted $5,000 to have it set up and I do not have that kind of money. If you know someone that can do that great. I am very busy at the moment with trying to find a lawyer and will be preocupied with that for at least two weeks. If you give me your phone number I can call you later. Please do spread the word that I need money. Thanks. Lawrence ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Does anyone here have web space for ? Although For Bumper Stickers it would be best if the URL was short and simple. If anyone can help in this way please e-mail Lawrence. I e-mailed and asked him to get a pay pal account. Maybe others could e-mail him about that also.

    Many Blessings everyone, U_R

  • hallelujah

    Hi Lawrence

    I know what it is like for a family to fight for justice for the death of a member of their family. I helped obtain an order for an exhumation of my wife's former husband who died in custody. It took years. But we won the exhumation in the Court of Appeal without a lawyer and had to fight against the Chief Counsel for the States of Queensland and the Northern Territory. I appeared for my wife as what is called a McKenzie's friend. We won that appeal unanimously. I am interested to know more about your case, - the Canadian common law system is similar to Australia's and I might be able to make a few suggestions.

    You can email me on

    [email protected]


    Daniel Taylor

  • hallelujah

    PS Lawrence

    This is the link to the court of appeal case which we won


    Dan Taylor

    [email protected]

  • hubert

    Lawrence, Are you setting up a pay pall account? I think you could do it easily, with all the help that has ben offered here. I know you are busy looking for lawyers, but if you need that kind of money real fast, then I think you should look into it very quick.

    It looks like many here will send money if you open a paypal account. Get some help from someone here.

    Ask and you will recieve. This case is not only for you and Bethany, it is for all of us.

    Help is on the way.


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