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  • insearchoftruth

    bttt, this needs to be seen by as many as possible.

  • Dogpatch

    Lawrence sent me this, I just sent him $100, come on guys and help out!!

    Lawrence Hughes lawsuit needs supporters

    I need your help to continue my lawsuit against the Watchtower Society and the doctor who the Watchtower Society arranged for to give my daughter Arsenic. The WTS lawyer, HLC members and the doctor deceived Bethany and lied to her, convincing her that Arsenic would cure her. Bethany was convinced that Arsenic could cure her and was curing her. Bethany and the WTS lawyers stated in Court and in the media that the treatment was a cure for her disease ( AML Leukemia) and that Bethany was getting better. Bethany stated in her affidavit and on TV that the treatment was working, was curative and that she was looking forward to taking a trip to Disneyland and going back to school in a month.

    I sent Bethany's medical records to three specialists and they all agree that Arsenic is not a treatment for AML Leukemia and that it did not offer Bethany any chance of a cure and that with standard medical treatments, Bethany's chance of recovery would be between 30 - 50%.

    I need your help to send a strong message to the medical community. I need your help to teach the WTS a valuable lesson, that this sort of thing will not be tolerated in the future. I need you to help me with my lawsuit. The WTS has unlimited resources and I have very little resources. For over a year I have been without a lawyer. Even if I can get a law firm to take the case on a Contingency basis, I would need to come up with a retainer and cover the out of pocket expenses.

    I need you to send me money, otherwise I may have to cancel the lawsuit. I need you to send me money ASAP. In case you didn't know, the judge has decided that my lawsuit can go to trial. The story is in the media on an average of once a month and in the National News about once every two months. In the last month Associated Press has published the story three times and it was on CNN last week. . I thank you in advance for your help.

    Please send a cheque, draft or money order to:

    Lawrence Hughes
    P.O. Box 20161
    Calgary Place, RPO
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2P 4J2

    [email protected]

    Lawrence also says, Hi Randy, I need $7,200 in two weeks, to pay for court costs back owing. I figure I will need another $10,000 as a retainer. I am in the process of looking for a law firm who will be willing to represent me. My other lawyer ended up in a conflict of interest situation and had to bail out last April. Since then, I have been representing myself. They say only a fool would represent himself in court. I am a poor fool. The Watchtower is going to appeal the court decision which means Appelet Court, which means I need a lawyer. Thanks for your help. Lawrence

  • hubert

    I'm in.


    Go, Lawrence!

    Come on, people, this is our chance to do something good for our cause.

    Question...Do we need to also put "Canada" on the address, or just "Calgary, Alberta"?

  • Scully


    Do we need to also put "Canada" on the address, or just "Calgary, Alberta"?

    It wouldn't hurt to put "Canada" on the envelope too.

    Don't know if it will speed things up any, but you never know.


    HAWK is absolutely right about the way the legal system works here. Because this is basically a medical malpractice suit, I may be able to get a firm to take it on , on a contingency basis, but they will want a retainer up front. Just to let you know, I will return any monies that are not used and if I win, I will return all of the money.


  • rebel8


    You really need to set up a Paypal account. There are many reasons for this (easier than trying to cash a check or money order that isn't in Canadian funds, plus it allows ppl to use credit cards). It is free to set up a Paypal account, just go to www.paypal.com. Otherwise there will probably be less donations. Then everyone with web sites can post a payment button on their sites instead of just a snail mail address.

    I have offered you use of my web space many times in the past, and the offer is still open. Just contact me to let me know the email address linked to your Paypal account, and I will take care of the rest. I will spread the word among all the ex-jw webmasters too--you can use all the publicity you can get.

  • hubert

    Thanks, Scully, I added Canada to the address.

    I'd also like to mention that "personal checks" take 5 working days to clear, in the U.S.A., so if you send one too late, Lawrence may not be able to use your check for collateral until it clears his bank. So, I would either get a "bank check" of "money order", instead. You can get a "Money Order" from a post office, also. These shouldn't need to clear the bank, because you have already paid for them up front. This is important, IMHO, because he said he needs the funds ASAP.


    Good idea, Rebel8

  • Elsewhere

    Can we send the money via PayPal?

  • Gary1914

    I will be glad to send money if I can just send it to a Paypal account. It's more anonymous that other forms of payment and I would feel better doing it that way.

    Thank you.

  • Mary
    scorchio said: you americans are stupid " sure il snd you some money if you want" thats sarcasm by the way i know you dont get it. i cant believe how stupid you lot are. i actually am getting embarresed for you.


    Lawrence, I'll send what I can......I ain't rich by any stretch of the immagination, but every little bit helps.

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