What is the criteria for deleting congregations?

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  • Virgochik

    Welcome, Jimmy! Please keep posting, as you will surely be a help to many poor souls still caught in the net, and to those of us still shaking off the fog!

  • RubaDub

    Right now, the biggest reason is financial.

    If you recall, over the past 20 years or so, the CO's were always trying to create new congregations as an indication of growth.

    Obviously, if a new kingdom hall is needed for a congregation, the funds available for donations to the Society are diluted since the same number of publishers are now supporting an additional kingdom hall. With the dramatic increase in property values in many areas, it puts a real burden on many just to keep the hall going.

    The real benefit financially is not just when congregations can be combined, but rather, when a kindom hall can be sold.

    Rub a Dub

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    Hi Jimmy, and welcome! Good to have you here.

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    Hi Jimmy, welcome to the forum!

  • hijack

    Jimmy you da man

    cause you got elder experience very "interesting"

    This site can benefit from your 27 years with the jdub. Glad you escaped from the borganization.

    BTW what is the current trend to armaggedon predictions by the WTS? are they still flogging dates around or have they pretty much given up on that.?


  • uninformed

    In Bonham, Texas about 20 years ago, the trustees of the local Kingdom Hall, seized the Hall and left the WT. It is my understanding that the WT built a quick build there and had some 5 to 10 in attendance at a Hall that would hold 120 to 150.

    I guess that is one way to disband a congregation.


  • Purza

    I was part of a congregation that merged. One of the halls had about 40 people attending the Sunday meetings and about 25 the TMS & SM. The other hall was doing okay, but it merged into one -- and weren't we all thankful!


  • stillajwexelder

    Hi Jimmy423 welcome. Know of one in an adjacent circuit. Low publishers and only 1 elder and servant - close to being merged. Possible of course the WTS could direct some that have been "laid off' by Brooklyn Bethel could be "assigned" there

  • outoftheorg

    Welcome Jimmy, from one ex elder to another.

    I enjoyed your post. Specially that part about "the leaders know exactly what they are doing" in regards to mind control.

    This is something that many can not bring themselves to believe, that they could be so very corrupt.

    When you feel like it, tell us a bit about your experience that caused you to leave the wbts.

    Thanks and welcome.


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    Jimmy: Welcome aboard! You'll fit right in here.You may be amazed to find we already have a rather extensive, um, library.

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