What Things Irritated You While A Witness?

by minimus 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Everything irritated me.

    I was there only for the carrot

  • greendawn

    The lack of warmth and brotherly love in the congo it was a very cold, uncaring and unsupportive environment, the totalitarian attitute of that organisation and the accompanying over praising of the supposed FDS, the relegation of Jesus to the margins. And the selfish materialism of ppl that were expecting the end at any time.

  • mrsjones5

    The long assed prays at the end of the district assemblies that would drone on and on and on when all I wanted to do was sit down and get off of my tired aching feet that had been in new heels that were hurting my feet!! I also hated how smug and self-serving those prayers were...not an ounce of humilty in them.


  • towanda

    I agree with fullofdoubt...nothing was more irritating than my bookstudy "overseer" ragging about the Catholic church and how devious and polluted they were. It must have been a deeply personal issue for him for some reason, because he managed to weave it into study. Even if the study was about brotherly love or from the Daniel book ( which was my personal torment!), this guy would not hesitate to bash the Catholics!

    My other enormous peeve was how the funeral talk of a dearly departed always sounded like a public relations commercial. The PO in our hall gave most of them, and in a sing songy voice, he touted the "truth" as being the source of refreshment for the deceased, and encouraged all those not associated to ask questions. All I could think was, "My mother (brother, uncle...) died and this jack ass is giving his door-to-door shpeel to a captive audience!" I'll bet the "worldly" relatives were less than amused! Made me sad. Couldn't dwell on their positive qualities, or comfort the bereaved, always had to be the song and dance...

  • minimus

    Regarding convention prayers, I hated that the one praying would REVIEW the entire assembly---as if Jehovah didn't know it!


    Being pounded to do more ! Can you spend more time in service? Can you pioneer ? Why aren't you commenting more? Why aren't there more return visits? Why aren't there more Bible studies? Why isn't there more people at the book study? We need more contributions from everyone.

  • ColdRedRain

    Graduates of this school showing off their education.

  • Dimples

    Field Service really bugged me. I especially hated taking my children in the heat, rain and cold, knocking on strangers doors. So ridiculous!


  • Mary
    Minimus said: The PO's bookstudy ALWAYS went overtime. 45 minutes into the meeting he was still on paragraph 3. And he would read EVERY scripture including the ones quoted!!!

    We used to have the bookstudy at my place years ago. BS conductor was a good friend of mine and I told him I'd beat the holy hell out of him if he went overtime. We were ALWAYS done in 40 - 45 minutes. In fact, during the summer months, we'd change the bookstudy to 7:00pm - 7:45pm so we could all go swimming in my pool (and drink vino) afterwards. We always had great attendance at the bookstudy, because we laughed, joked and made fun of each other during the study!! They had an elder's meeting to compare how all their groups were doing. Everyone's else's group had meeting attendance that sucked dead rocks except ours. Rather than be happy about it, the other elders were pissed off and jealous that Kevin had a really good group that worked well together. So they split our bookstudy group up. This pissed us ALL off to no end and it never improved bookstudy attendance at all.

    So to me, the other elders don't care about BS attendance----as long as your group doesn't have better attendance then theirs.

  • serendipity

    Self-righteous comments and judgmentalism. Also, crying babies - until I had one.

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