What Things Irritated You While A Witness?

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  • Honesty
    What Things Irritated You While A Witness?

    Being a Witness.

  • Purza

    Those long-ass prayers were super annoying.

    How about having to go to a meeting three times a week and then service on Saturday.

    Never getting to sleep in on the weekends when your meeting was at 9:30 on Sunday.

    My mother always complained about brothers with bad breath! LOL

    Living in fear because an elder looked at you the wrong way.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    The show-offs used to irk me...there were plenty of them....they called it 'positive peer pressure'.

    The parents who used to show off their kids like how their three year old could recite all the books of the bible.

    The pioneer who used to show off how many bible students they had.

    The elder who used to show off how many great sacrifices he had made to become an elder and serve the congregation.

    The elder's wife who used to show off how privileged she was to have the blessing of working with the circuit overseer in field service.

    Then there was the new car, new outfit, new hairdo, new job, new boat blah blah blah.

    The meetings were great for all of the above.


  • minimus

    How about being told how everything that you do for them is a "privilege"?

  • Dismembered

    Lack of Mini-Skirts


  • minimus

    I never understood how a sister could get counseled for wearing an ankle length skirt that had a slit to the knee. That's "immodest"???

  • scorchio

    AMERICANS and APOSTATES oh sorry thats you.get a life

  • minimus

    SAY WHAT?????? ......Simon, you aren't foolin' with me, are ya?

  • MinisterAmos

    The PO whose wife was dying of cancer and proceeded to volunteer for MORE Dub Duties and recruit Sisters to be with his wife "so she wouldn't be alone at the end" rather than spend time with her.

    Same guy has 4 kids, all D'effed so they couldn't be with Mom.

    Course he was the most "spiritual" in the eyes of the other Dubs, I thought he was a monster.

  • minimus

    There have been elders who have used their position to get free meals because their WIFE was sick so they had an ORGANIZED schedule to bring meals to them every day!

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