What Things Irritated You While A Witness?

by minimus 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • MinisterAmos

    There have been elders who have used their position to get free meals because their WIFE was sick so they had an ORGANIZED schedule to bring meals to them every day!<< Forgot about that with the cancer guy. The explanation is that it leaves him more time for "duties." What about our freaking duties?

  • scorchio

    its a shame people are not perfect hey what bastards. because you have never done anything wrong have you. why dont you moan about normal things, us british moan about the weather even if its good. and abou americans and french and people from monaco. they suc. its like a mothers meeting in here! il tell you something why dont i teach you the off side rule in football! or "soccer" as you like to say...butchery. you hardly even use your foot in american football. how dumb can you be...ah yes i keep forgetting. your american.

  • Chimene

    If you don't like American's, what are you doing in a forum full of them? ddduuuhhhhhh

  • minimus

    You are one angry Brit! You sound, actually, like a typical Jehovah's Witness. Keep up the good work.

  • MinisterAmos

    Hey Scorch!

    Punctuation is our friend!

  • Scully

    All right scorchio, obviously it's way past your bedtime. How about I fix it so you can't post for a while, and you can come back when you're prepared to behave yourself in a civil manner?

  • minimus

    Hey Scully, can you do just the opposite for me??

  • dabatgaly

    well said scully what a looser!!!

  • schne_belly

    On behalf of all of us....THANKS SCULLY!

    I think it WAS getting a bit late for Scorchio... a nap will do em' good!

  • anewme

    Definitely field service. What knucklehead first coined the phrase "Publishers"? My God it sounds Dyanetic!

    Get a fricken T.V. show or radio station and advertise an 800 # like the rest of religions!

    Or rent billboard space in towns across America and Europe.

    How about little ads in the newspapers?

    Or on your website have a transcript of the meetings and the Watchtower and Awake for all the world to read.

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