How Do You Nullify A Baptism

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  • pratt1

    I have a close friend who had his baptism anulled in the 1980's. He was very young when he got baptized, about 12 and he soon afterwards committed some petty crimes that were known in the neighborhood. He was sentenced to reform school and before he was shipped off, the brothers meet with him and made an official announcement that his bapitism was null and void.

    I always thought that this was done more for the sake of protecting the congo from a bad reputation in the neighborhood than for the benefit of my friend.

    Unfortunately, after he came out of reform school after about a year he got rebaptized and is currently an active witless, although he does not adhere to most of the dogma of the witlesses.

    He only does the minimum and has many "worldly" habits. His view is that he likes the social aspect of being a witless and does not want to give that up.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The idea of wanting to nullify your baptism means that you want those official labels lifted off of you that have been put there by the baptism. The only way is dissassociation.
    I realize some out there want their baptism to be wiped away and all papers about them thrown in the garbage as if nothing ever happened at all. This is simply not an easy task, or one that more than likely can not be done. It's seems that there is a desire in some to change the past, which is impossible. What's done is done, look to the future.

  • AudeSapere

    We have someone here who (so far) successfully circumvented the system.

    Here is the set-up to his 'annullment:

    Here is the result (last I've seen of it):

    Hope this helps. (If nothing else, it's a fun read.)


  • AudeSapere

    And then there's this little gem of a job done by Kwintestal (WHERE have they been, anyway??):

    DF Announcement is made:

    A plan is made to appeal:

    The outcome:

    Those are the two most comprehensive cases that I can recall. Good stuff!


  • willyloman
    ...there is no honorable way out. If you disassociate you are shunned, if you are disfellowshipped you are shunned, if you fade you are marked.

    Good insight, Jimmy. I also like your "formula" for doing the fade, although it's a bit slow IMO. I think most people could speed it up substantially.

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