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  • rebel8

    Good find, Danny!

    By looking at the websites of the American Watchtower companies, we can guess what Hartkopf means by foreign donations. In the fiscal year 1997/1998, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania had net assets worth 705 billion dollars, as can be read on their website.

    On whose website? I will email the reporter to ask.

    The databank of New York, USPDR, estimates that the 2005 real estate assets of the Watchtower are worth 204 million dollars.

    The database does list assessed values of land and buildings located in NY State owned by the WTS. The search is onerous and your results show you over 40 properties. You must click on each one to view its assessed value. I really wonder how accurate it is. For example, some properties have an assessed value of $0. Another has an assessed land value of about $40k with an assessed building value of -$40k, bringing the total to $0. Then we have the 25 Columbia Hts property, which is listed as follows, with no tax exemption noted.

    Land $346,950.00 $0.00 $0.00 County Taxable $241,824.00 Building $2,071,350.00 $0.00 $0.00 Town Taxable Value $241,824.00 Total $2,418,300.00 $0.00 $0.00 School Taxable $241,824.00 Date of Roll 99 Village Taxable $ County Exempt $0.00 School Relevy 0 School Exempt $0.00 Village Relevy 0 Village Exempt $0.00 Special Districts [blank] Total Exemptions [blank]

    I am posting the link to this database. Is there someone on this forum that can explain this data or evaluate its accuracy?

    Now, onto the JP Morgan mutual trust fund and Silver Fox.

    On the website of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 'SEC', it is documented that the Watchtower company, regardless of its refusal of military service and political abstention,

    owns shares in the JP Morgan mutual trust fund

    There are a zillion funds with that name and within each a zillion documents. I'll email the reporter to see if we can get more specific info.

    and own 50 percent of a company dealing with armament technology, called ‘Silver Fox’.
    This machinery was tested in the second war in Iraq.

    This turns out to be what we already knew...the Rand company.

    Just an observation on the was not easy to locate any of these items.....I have to wonder if the reporter was told where to look by an insider.

  • hijack

    I just tried to send this post and the computer ate it, then spit it out, then changed the font size then lost the homepage - JEEZ!! I'll try again (mind over matter)

    It is not suprising that the WTS has alot of wealth. They make some of their money from realestate transactions and the estates that dead jdubs give to them. Think they will ever start a soop kitchen for the homeless or start paying labour for the 2 day kingdom hall projects?? not a chance!!

    I wish Newyork would start charging the WTS property tax so they'd move or just close shop.


    Here's the thread on Silver Fox:

    Just to update anyone that didn't see this.


  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Wow, their hypocrisy is unbelievable. So it's okay for these poor brothers in 3rd world countries to die for political neutrality as long as the gb make a little money on the side. If there is a burning hell there's a spit with their name on it.

  • theinfamousone

    DAMN ASS BASTARDS!!!!! i have no better words that i am allowed to use on this website... those ppl are monsters, liars and just working to steal the money of the poor... no we dont pass collection plates like your church, we just ask for money every week pretending we dont have 100s of billions to publish our magazine... ever wondering how the gb has such great suits???

    the infamous one

  • DavidChristopher

    I can't wait for Jesus to come and reward them, for what they have earned. I hope he has mercy on them, even though They hope He has no mercy on us. I am no hypocrite...I am evil and would be just fine with mercy.

  • Clam
    In the fiscal year 1997/1998, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania had net assets worth 705 billion dollars

    Extraordinary. I wonder what it is now? If its down to 700 billion now I can understand why they're down sizing.

    Thanks Danny as usual.

  • TheOldHippie

    I would not trust the figures of this report too much, they also say that " There are 687 ‘baptised’ JW in Hungary"

    As I recall, Hungary must have som 15,000 JWs (check the Year Book, I don't have it on hand), and I strongly suspect the "billions" to be "millions".


  • dozy

    "In the fiscal year 1997/1998, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania had net assets worth 705 billion dollars ."

    Def: Net Assets The difference between a company's total assets and liabilities

    Allowing for an increase in property prices of approx 50% from 1997 - 2006 , this makes WTBTS net asset value worth over 1 trillion dollars.

    I know you guys have an anti-witness agenda and will quote as gospel any c**p written about JWs, but even the most gullible ex-witness shouldn't believe this nonsense. Britains biggest company is BP , which has a net asset value of $71 billion (£2.04 per share , as in current annual report). Google has a market capitalisation of $188 billion (the NAV is far lower). General Motors NAV is $22.8 billion.

    So lets get this straight. JWs , with volunteer , unpaid publishers , have built up an organisation worth 15 X BP. Net asset value worth more than 5 X Google market cap? (I know the shares have fallen back a bit recently , but...) You have got to be joking , right? I'm frankly astonished that some of you actually believe this nonsense.

  • Gill

    Looks as if 'someone in the know' should get the correct figures together for the amount of publishers that there are in Hungary, (certainly in the thousands) and also the correct/accurate figures for the assets of the WTBTS. I personally would still be angry at the amount of money that people are foolish to donate to ANY organization that has a single penny over $500 million in assets, including the Catholic Church, and any other religion. My reason - I have relatives who have been foolish enough to donate their estates to the WTBTS and why - IMHO to supposedly 'buy a place in the New System'. Idiots! I happen to be 'in the know' to a certain extent on what the WTBTs do in Eastern European countries. They provide just about everything free, literature, transport to assemblys, KHs etc. The reason ..... these are the up and coming economies of the future and these countries are having to allow religious freedoms so as to be able to support their claims to join the EU. As yet, China is not a religiously tolerant country, but when it is, the money grabbing WTBTS will have to get a foot hold into China's people. As these people become wealthier, (and since the internet is censored in China) the WTBTS will be able to, after the 'free love bombing years' are over, begin to reap the rewards of cash from China also. Whether if's 7.5 million dollars or whether it's 705 billion dollars, it's all money gained under 'false pretences'. They cannot offer eternal life and that is what the JWs R and F believe they are buying.

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