Did the elders contact you 1 year after being DF'd?

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  • blondie


    Elders meeting prior to upcoming CO visit

    Subject: Calling on those DF'd

    Those present

    Brother Where's The List: The PO who is supposed to coordinate this

    Brother Keeps the Publisher Records: Usually the secretary (I knew of several of them who did not keep the cards of the DF'd in the box with the active publishers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brother New: doesn't have a clue who has been DF'd in this congregation (partly because the cards aren't in the box)

    Brother Know-Them-All: and thinks it is a waste of time to call on the inactive JWs let alone the DF'd ones

    Brother Why-Bother-with-Them-They're-Already Dead: See Brother Know-Them-All

    Brother Too Busy: manages to get out of being on any JCs and this will be no different

    PO: Well, brothers, it is that time again when we need to try and call on the DF'd ones before the CO comes so we can say that we tried at least. After I found where the cards were (looking at the secretary) I have drafted a list.

    Brother Know-Them-All, I'd like you to go with Brother New to call on these 2 people. You were on their JC. You can fill Brother New in.

    Brother Why Bother, can you take Brother Too Busy with you and call on these 2 people. You know their situation.

    Then Brother Keeps the Records and I will call on the last 2 people.

    (Now I know that realistically the elders may pick rather than be assigned)

    As Brother Know-Them-All picks up Brother New, they DRIVE BY both homes and Brother KTA decides no one is home and checks off both names as attempted and suggests that they drop by the local pizza parlor to kill some time.

    Brothers Why Bother and Too Busy do the same thing and go to the local pub to waste some time before going home.

    Brother Where's the List and Keeps the Records actually do find one person home despite not having the right address of either person on their list.

    Meeting with CO

    CO: Brother Where's the List, how did things go with calling on those DF'd? (Last time through the CO didn't know there was anyone DF'd since the cards weren't in the box)

    Brother WTL: You know how busy people are today. We were only able to find one person home and they aren't interested in coming back.


  • garybuss

    Two elders contacted me 9 years after I quit attending group meetings and turning in field service report slips. They asked me if I had any questions and I gave them 10. I waited 9 more years and I finally called one of the elders and asked him how he was doing on my questions.

    That was 18 years, one drop by call, 10 questions and zip. If these clowns worked for me, I'd fire them. Late AND incompetent. If this is the best God can do, I'd fire him too.

    I invited one elder over. I told him they should allow blood fractions and he said that idea was apostate. Five years later they allow fractions. Now the same elder's going to college himself.

  • misspeaches

    They don't really care about you. That's why they don't make the effort to get you back. I have learnt this first hand.

  • rimbaudbunuel

    Yeah 2 elders visited me I offered them some weed and asked one what time him wife got off work - cause I thought me and her could hang out and have some sweet times together.

  • zeroday

    The beauty of living in a security condo is they have to call me from the lobby for me to buzz them in. I can see them on the lobby video camera and, don't know why, but it seems I'm never at home.

  • Honesty

    DA'd over 15 months ago and haven't seen but one of them since. I did see the "once-was-an-elder-and-PO-when-I-DA'd-until-his-oldest-son- escaped-the-cult" at the store around the corner. He said, "Hi, how ya doin'?" but no mention of the memorial or returning to the vomit of the Wacktower. It must be my apostate spirit.

  • Sunspot

    Nah......this is a myth! I DAed in 1999, and haven't heard a sound from them. I guess they figured that the prior three months of me writing and telling them that I had a lot of things to think about and that I DIDN'T want anyone coming here (or phoning) me....and they hounded me 24/7....they had more than made up for it. I never answered the calls and ignored the doorbell and then sent in my DA letter three months later.

    I had thought about it!

  • IronClaw
    That was 18 years, one drop by call, 10 questions and zip.

    Hell Gary, 10 questions and 18 years of peace and quiet. You should market those 10 questions.

  • garybuss

    IronClaw, you wrote: You should market those 10 questions.Hahahaha!! I actually like playing cat and mouse with the elder types. I love one alone. Once I tried to get a straight answer from a Batman and Robin team of a circuit servant and a elder. It took two and a half hours to get em to tell me the FDS is not inspired.
    I don't even remember all the 10 questions any more. I do remember Crisis Of Conscience answered every single one of them.

  • IronClaw

    Good ole Ray. You gotta love him.

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