Did the elders contact you 1 year after being DF'd?

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  • Slick Willie
    Slick Willie

    Little Toe said:

    DAed over four years ago and haven't seen sight nor hair of them since

    You're a danger to their spirituality man! Stop by and talk to you and they might start thinkin' for themselves!

  • FreedomFrog

    To be honest, I don't think they really care. I'm not DA's or DF'd...I still haven't seen them for over 2 years. But I love it that way, so I hope it continues.

  • Gretchen956

    Well they have to know where you are, first. Don't know why they SHOULD know where I am. Thats just crazy!


  • Spectre

    The elders know where I am but I think they are afraid to come into my demon infested store. All these Dungeons & Dragons game books work wonders as a JW repellant.

  • tweety

    They have never tried to contact me in all the years that I was df'd.

  • gumby

    Elders are NOT to call on "known Apostates". The calling on a Dfed one once a year doesn't apply to apostates as related I believe in the elders manuel.

    The problem here is, some elders feel an apostate represents one who no longer feels this is Jehovahs organisation...and another elder may feel it's one who openly campaigns vocally or physically(demonsrations) that represents a 'known apostate'.

    If you are one who is a quite unbeliever you might get called on.....depends on the elders and congregation. I've been out 11 years and have never been called on.


  • DigitalFokus

    Ran into one of the elders from my JC about 5 years after being df'd, all he asked was for my current address. I told him to fist himself. Haven't heard from them since. So one time in 10 years i have had contact with those lumps of shit.


  • ferret

    I was df'd 25 years ago (not apostate) and I have never seen one of them. They avoid me like the plague.

  • Frog

    Nope, made sure I was 35,000 miles away How far are they supposed to chase you down after you leave their territory? Do they have nil obligations to you after that?

  • Quentin

    Gone fifteen years, not even a whisper...sent DA letter to Brooklyn, two suites at the door within a week...last fifteen years nothing, not even contact from door to door work...where have all the Js gone?

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