How DARE he?! This is why I'm still Single!!!

by stillAwitness 51 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jojochan


    Yep, they don't get it. That happened to me in a kind of sort of way. You should check out my post regarding that in the relationship files. It sucks big time. But you know... You get up, brush that dirt off your shoulder and keep going.

    You'll find someone...I know it.


  • LDH
    Well, guess what, it was your decision and your own fault for not having any social skills. When will we start realizing that following stupid ideas from men is our own fault.

    DUH. When 6 year olds start paying the mortgage, they can make the decisions.

    There are many of us on here who had NO CHOICE in the matter until we were adults and left home.

    Now, what's stupid is following ideas from men when you are a full grown independent adult.

    Children are victims.


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