Serious Question: Spanking

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    It's a disgusting practice a great big adult smacking a tiny little kid. I've sat in a hall and had my whole evening ruined by the sight of some adult abusing a child. Rather than sit there listening I've sat there and fumed.

  • bocephus

    I can personally relate . Living in a seiously abusive enviroment as a child my sister and I approached the congregation Elders and were turned away because my father had the right . They essentially said he could continue to leave me in a condition in which I coulndt dress for Gym because I was so bruised . Tha difficult thing hhas been learning a new behavior with my own children

  • OpenFireGlass

    Basic JW belief on dicipline (at least in my family)

  • EAGLE-1

    Before jws no violent spankings,while a jw lots of VIOLENT spankings,all grown up now.Plan to beat the mortal shit out of a jw someday.In fact as many as I can.Noticed an ass hall up the road.Think I will start there.May even go THIRD REICH on the MFs.I am kidding......I think......

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    We were spanked, mostly by my mother (my brothers would laugh at her spankings), though when my dad got a hold of us it was trouble. It got progressively less with each child after the first. My oldest brother was spanked the most and my parents both are sorry for that. The baby, my youngest sister, received only two spankings her whole life, brat, (ha ha).

    My sister in law started spanking her baby at the meetings when he was only 3-4 months old. I was horrified and vowed that I would not spank my child at the kingdumb hell.

    A few years ago, when I still thought that there was some truth taught at the KH, I would bring my son to the meetings but would not spank him for bad behavior. He would get time outs and such. I thought, that if the KH became a beating ground, when he was older he wouldn't want to come back because he associated it with abuse.

    Different children react differently to punishment. On the rare occasion that he is spanked it does nothing for him. So, for him taking away his toys or time outs work the best. Though, I notice that the only times I actually have spanked him, it is out of my frustration and I am not thinking the punishment through. Basically, a bad reaction on my part.


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