I'm a Neutral Jehovah's Witness

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  • restrangled

    Hi Jotace and WELCOME!

    You have asked some excellent questions. Just keep reading, you will get your answers. Please pick up a copy of Crises of Conscience written by a former member of the Governing Body of the JW's.

    I so understand the "mother situation"......mine is 75.

    Glad to have you here!


  • BabaYaga
  • truthsetsonefree

    Welcome Jotace. Your Mom reminds me of mine. Full brainwash indeed.

  • Jotace

    Thank you BabaYaga, for the new topic you made! And thanks to everyone that bothered to answer me, until now. :-)

    I will continue the conversation in the new topic made by BabaYaga, ok?

  • Jotace

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  • fluke

    Matin, having reead what you have put and a quick read through the replies I cant tell you that as a witness for 24 years, I was never able to get baptized...

    Never thought that being a witness was truely the way for me... There was something missing... I tried my best and got no where...

    I would do rearly well for abot 4 months and then nothing, lots of service and then nothing...

    How many times have you heard someone say, 'Oh, I thought it would feel different after baptizm'.. I can tell you that what I was doin was only leg duties andlips sevice... Now I am a walking bible and also very well versed in christian history... Thats all the good that has come out of it... Everything else is a natural law, like being kind or modest orloving someone...

    Having true peace is about putting yourself out for others, and helping those that need it... That is truely the value in life... :)

    Love and Light

  • jonathanconway

    Sometimes the best choice you can make in a given situation requires some initial pain or loss.

    It's like ripping off a bandaid or purchasing an investment property.

    You can either struggle now for a better future, or you can wallow in the present, and live a life of quiet desperation.

    I got out when I was 17 and never looked back.

    I would also recommend that you take a genuinely objective look at evolution and atheism, and question your beliefs. You should be fully informed of the arguments for the above before you dedicate the rest of your life to an invisible supreme being.


    There are not alot of Nudist JW`s..


  • 1Robinella

    To me, being neutral as a JW means your kind of already stepping aside. Nothing wrong with that my friend. I believe religion is a personal decision and not a decision our family/friends can make you/us feel guilty for. This took me a long time to figure out because of all the guilt that was passed my way. If this religion is working great for you then more power to you. But it sounds as if your "not feeling" it, then walk away. Again, religion is a personal choice.

    For me I was born and raised by a strict JW mother and a father that was baptized but my father and I kept an open mind to the concept...god is great and god is love, if family and friends treat you differently because you have personal differences or different beliefs then "something is wrong with them." For me, once I realized this religion was not for me. My "so-called" JW friends pretended I did not exist and I was doomed "bad association." Even my mother treated me "worldly" and called me a "disappointment." With their negative attitude change towards me it just encouraged me that this is definately NOT the religion for me. You call that love? Admittaly, at times it made me sad because I wasn't the one that changed, I just opened my eyes to the real world. I can honestly say "I am happier now than ever." I hope you found these words of encouragment and more power to you and whatever god you choose in your life.


  • love_ever_wanting

    Hey All:

    I am new here. I was just reading some of these advice posts to Martini's Problem. And Someone said that, "Field Service, Pioneering and the Meetings is what the faith has been reduced to" If thats really the case, explain how. How was it better before.

    I am a Bible Student, and I do attend the meetings regularly and I enjoy them and have always felt inspired. Someone said something about someone giving a talk about "cultivating a love and personal relationship with Jehovah" I agree, not much of the type of content in the talks, but I find with the lady I am studying with and all the other friends I have made in my congregation, this is where I am getting my encouragement to cultivate a love for Jehovah, and develope a relationship with him. I get all that outside of the meetings. But I agree, it is long due for a talk about that.

    So with that said I have a question for everyone. What do you all think about, doing this here? Communicating online, I mean I understand that you have to be careful of apostasy when you go online, but I don't think its wrong to make friends online, or to even date online as long as your careful, or maybe thats just the worldly part of me reasoning this, all I am saying is, although I am reading stuff on here pertaining to personal issues, I don't beleive its "apostasy" or "going against the organization" I think it is wonderful to have something like this to come together and upbuild on another.

    I know that is I mentioned this site to anyone, they would likely say, it is not an official site promoted by Jehovah's Witness's. Has anyone been on jwmatch.com? I am told it is also not an officail dating site for JW, because the organization does not promote dating that way.

    Anyways, I digress, I am completly changing topic here, I am just excited and can't wait to make some new friends.



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