Anyone feeling the Memorial pressure?

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  • fairchild

    Come to think of it.. the only meeting I attended last year was the memorial. I had already gotten rid of all my skirts and my dresses (I am a jeans kinda girl). So I went to a church sale and bought something second hand for the occasion. I also brought my own bread, and when they passed the bread around, I took my bread out of my pocket and ate it. It smelled so strong, someone around me MUST have smelled it. Oh well, maybe that's why I haven't gotten an invite yet this year.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I am wondering what will happen at Memorial time ......We havn't been going to meetings for afew months now , but I am sure my husband will insist on attendance for this day. I prefer to maintain the current inivisability factor , but I'm sure family pressure will win , at least this year . I am really dreading it , but I guess I can smile and bear it for an hour . Or, We could just tell relatives we are going to visit another hall for the memorial ! Recently , MIL has called and is catching on that something is up .So I imagine gestapo tactics will be beginning shortly.......Let the games begin.

  • diamondblue1974

    Theres no way I would be going....I can just see it now...I walk in and everyone dives to find out where I have been and what I have been upto....I wouldnt be able to stop actually telling the truth. Where would I start I wonder?

    To me being at the memorial would be hypocritical; I dont go all year, why the hell would I want to go when the nights are getting lighter and I could be in the pub?

    The people in the kingdom hall shun my I shun them!

    Simple theres no pressure!


  • TopHat

    When I started fading....The witnesses would come around and invite me and my husband to the memorial...I would go only to please them....but after a couple of years I saw no need to go to the memorial. I felt it would be hypocrical of me to go to only one meeting a year. I guess they saw how I felt by my actions so no more invitations were sent in the mail.

    Now that I am evil and a pawn of Satan....they stay far away....It is my paryer that they too become as evil as I someday.
  • Scully

    In the 12 years since our last going to Memorial, I've only been invited to go once. Last year. Two whole hours before it was about to begin.

    Over all these years, my JW family members have made absolutely NO EFFORT to make sure that I know the date of the Memorial, much less encourage me to go or invite me to go with them.

    It makes me wonder just how seriously they take their own beliefs... if they can't even be bothered to make sure that the people they supposedly love the most aren't included in their Most Important Celebration Of The Yearâ„¢.

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