Anyone feeling the Memorial pressure?

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  • Chimene

    nope, none what so ever.

    I'm just disapointed that I won't get that free bottle of wine that i've been getting after every memorial for the past 8 years, LOL

  • ithinkisee

    I always like the sales pitch at the end. You know, where they say, "If this is your first time to one of our meetings, we have a special offer for you. Tonight we will be offering a home bible study course for you - absolutely free."

    As if it is some special one-night-only deal or something.

    The memorial is nothing more than an attempt to get people in the door to make a sales pitch to them. Similar to an AMWAY/Qwixtar recruitment meeting. Nothing more.


  • Finally-Free
    Nobody wanted the hoe cakes usually, but they weren't bad with spinach dip.

    A baker in my last hall made a ton of the stuff, and I took a bag home one year after the memorial. The stuff was so hard that I cut my gum when I bit down on a piece - hurt like hell! The wine was usually Kressman.


  • anewme

    Absolutely not!

    I never in all my years as a witness felt the memorial event was a splendid enough celebration for our Lord. It is a somber, serious, borderline shabby affair lacking any of the affection or emotion I felt for Jesus during those years.

    After I was dfd I attended with my boy friend. I was the dfd one but I was more EMBARRASSED FOR THEM AND THEIR HOKEY CEREMONY with all the long pauses and the inadequate and obviously nervous speaker.

    Now, each year beneath the orange full moon between March and April I hold hands with my new husband and we bow our heads in acknowledgement of the one who brought hope and love and compassion to the world, Jesus Christ.

    We call that moon "The Jesus Moon"

  • daystar

    Huh? Memorial's coming up?

  • collegegirl21

    My mom has been pressuring me to try and pioneer the month of April. She said it would be an excellent opportunity to share with the friends and Jehovah would be so proud. Ha! I told her that with my school and my 3 jobs... that I would not have time to pioneer. And then I said that I am sorry, but it just doesn't fit into my schedule.... she had a fit! Oh well... I tuned her out...

  • xjwms

    No invite yet

    but then again.....they have'nt in the last four years.....not even when mother told them too....and go back 25 years.

  • Netty

    Wow, I cant believe I havent gotten my invite. When is the memorial anyway?

  • blondie

    We have no contact with JW family (by our choice) and no contact from BOE in four years. It must be hard if you have an active JW spouse though. It seemed to me that the Memorial was the magic day, if you missed it, you were really going to Gehenna, but if you missed every other meeting that year and came for just that one evening, you were home free. And the WTS and the rank and file make fun of people who only go to church on Easter.

    Why go to a party where you can't eat and drink just watch?


  • xjwms


    Thanks for the post.....What I may do .......... is ...if...anyone would ask.. " Are you going to start coming to meetings?"

    I am going to say ...YES, And When? ......................................SOON, my time is .......NEAR

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