Anyone feeling the Memorial pressure?

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  • atypical

    For those who are fading, do you feel the pressure building as the memorial approaches? Family members who otherwise are busy with their own interests suddenly start paying more attention, dropping hints and holding their breath as it were.

    Then there are the invitations. I don't get this. All of a sudden brother overighteous tries to get a hold of you to give you a personal invitation to the memorial. As though it's his own function, a party being thrown in his honor or something.

    And if you don't go, oh be prepared for waterworks and broken hearts. It seems the ultimate sin is ignoring the memorial. Even my relatives who have never been witnesses and never want to be attend the memorial every year for some reason.

    Just curious how others deal with this subject.

  • Honesty

    They just want everyone at the memorial so Jesus can receive the ultimate slap in the face as they reject Him.

    John 6:53 So Jesus said to them, “ I assure you : Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do not have life in yourselves.

    John 6:56 The one who eats My flesh and drinks My blood lives in Me, and I in him.

  • fairchild

    No pressure here. I haven't even been invited yet. When is it?

  • joelbear

    no, my mother has stopped mentioning it to me. after 18 years i couldn't sit still that long.

  • Finally-Free

    I haven't been invited and even my mother hasn't mentioned it to me. But I don't have any interest in going there just to watch people perform their annual public rejection of Christ.


  • aquagirl

    im in a sorta thinking of how much fun it would be to show up with my whole band as my entourage.we'd behave of course.well.maybe not the rhythm guitarist..i wonder,is leopard skin still frowned upon by the gb? folks give me a fancy paper invitation every year..maybe this year Ill surprise them!!!!!

  • aquagirl

    do they still serve rye crisp and wine?please god,not wine..if its wine,i definitly cant bring the

  • Nosferatu

    Me and my wife get a yearly invite. Every time we get it, we make asshole comments like "I'll go if I can bring some Cheez Whiz for the crackers"

  • Finally-Free

    Yup, same old wine and crackers. You gotta bring your own cheese. Jdubs are so cheap!


  • james_woods

    I remember that one of the sisters had some recipe for the bread crisp - did it come from the WT or somewhere else in the literature.

    I often was sent out to buy the wine. I remember a lot of ritual about this. Probably just local, but you were supposed to tell the liquor store guy what you wanted it for, and make sure it was really just grape-juice-water red wine - not sparkling wine, not fortified wine, not flavored wine. This was a witnessing opportunity so you could count time for it. Right. The local liquor store guy really wanted to hear all this. I usually bought a medium priced California cabernet like Sterling Vinyards. Stag's Leap would have been decadent. (Yes, this got discussed with the elders)

    Also, when the final prayer was over, it was over for the wine and bread. The elders could take it home and drink it. Not the blood of the christ anymore. Nobody wanted the hoe cakes usually, but they weren't bad with spinach dip.

    Yes, the memory is still there - but not any more pressure.


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