Anyone feeling the Memorial pressure?

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  • daystar

    I never really wondered what was done with the wine and unleavened bread.

    Do you mean to tell me that the remainder of the wine was drank by *gasp* un-annointed? So, it was no longer the blood of Christ? It was no longer holy?

    Geez... If I'd known that, I would have partaken long ago!

  • rwagoner

    The only pressure I feel around the memorial is the pressure to make a statement at their one big event a year. A futile statement to be sure...but I'd love to just quietly picket on the public right of way...holding a sign....something about the WTS recommendation to fully research other religions...but not their faith THAT weak?...I don't know...something like that. LOL

  • atypical

    I realize the futility of the ritual, and I understand the viewpoints of those of you who are now Christians.

    Blondie hit it right on the head. My point was to find out who else is experiencing the strange dynamics that come with a believing spouse and/or immediate family who will think you are totally doomed if you don't go. Or if you go to please them, they will probably make a scene crying because they are so "happy" that you are in the kingdom hall.

    But again, I am not agonizing over the right and wrong of the actual celebration. I am way past that point, my friends.

  • atypical

    By the way, I was told it is on April 12th, for those who asked. Be prepared, those of you who still have to deal with witnesses regularly.

  • james_woods

    LOL Daystar - about the unused emblems...I had to do this ceremony twice during my elder/servant years as I recall. I believe that both times the outline (it is like a public talk outline) actually said this, so I don't believe that part was some local ingenuity. I forgot to add that some elders actually tasted it before the memorial to see if it was OK for the anointed. The magic did not take place until the first prayer.

    The outlines even went into detail about what KIND of wine it had to be. I always thought that was super-silly because most certainly ancient wine (or beer for that matter) could hardly even resemble what we have today. As usual, WT makes up rules that cannot have any historical or bible verification. That business about having it again for sick people exactly one lunar month later is a perfect example - so what if the jews did passover that way. The gospels do not command a certain day or days.

    Also, as someone else posted: wow-how depressing and creepy this must have looked to outsiders! We just passed it around and looked at it like it was poison. Remember how everybody tried to peek at each other to see who might have drunk it? Of course, that was wrong for the R&F but OK for the young MS guys they assigned to count partakers.

    Now, it must be admitted that the second time I had to do the memorial I was like the Tom Petty lyrics (-already gone). The outline did not get followed - but that is the subject of another thread which I am saving for "sometime" in April.


  • tijkmo

    not yet....

    but i'm expecting it...

    tijkmo of the i'm ready class

  • Frog

    I booked a flight for my dad to fly interstate to visit me over Easter, totally forgetting about the whole "memorial" season thing! He's asked me to located the nearest KH for him so he can attend. He's a fencesitter, but no doubt he might ask me to join him on the night. He's stopped pressuring me, and I know I've had a huge impact on him in turns of helping him see the true ways of the org and not feeling guilty about it. Who know's I might go for a laught, but ask the attendant not to count me in offical numbers! x

  • skeeter1

    Nope, my family would not DARE ask me. They know I'd get up, go to the "bathroom" (slip out the back door) to put my own material (copies of recent newspaper, etc.) on the windshields of all attendants!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Also, as someone else posted: wow-how depressing and creepy this must have looked to outsiders!

    You said it! I've never been a JW but was invited a few years back by my JW friend and family. They made it to be such a big deal - I thought it was a rather bland service. Later I was asked what I thought. I said something like "That's the first time I've broken the Savior's commandment to partake of the emblems...but when in Rome, yada yada yada" ... this was their 'no comment' expression >>>

  • GoingGoingGone

    I've been thinking about the pros and cons of going for weeks.

    I want to stay off the elders' radar... but I'm not sure if the best way to do that is to go, or to stay away.


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