Do JW's elders really want to know what kind of "sexual activities" you did

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  • dinah

    I got df'd because a boy touched my left breast while in a state of "arousal" (read "raging hard-on").

    Are breasts genitals??

  • lighthouse1956

    If it,s older or less attactive couple, I doubt if they're as curious. They asked if I had 'intercourse' when I confessed(after telling my wife) and they only put me on private reproof because my wife was df because she smoked during a nervious breakdown. They did ask if her drive was low due to her bad health, and said that makes a difference.

    They did not press me for details, and said they didn't to be too personal.

  • dinah

    That makes me so mad!!!! A man can get away with everything because they can't help themselves. Oh, your wife isn't putting out?? I'm so sorry brother.......... Meanwhile there is a woman burning at the stake for a lessor crime.

    How do you spell mysogny??

    A boy TOUCHED MY LEFT BREAST??? Did anyone ask me why?? Did anyone take my circumstances into consideration? HELL NO!! An elder on my JC asked me is I knew that all men were dogs---well no shit Sherlock. Not all of them. JESUS CHRIST STOP THE INSANITY!!!

    So women as the weaker sex are supposed to deny those urges because men are dogs?? Gimme a break. WT is a boys playground---unless you are a powerful elders' daughter, then you can say you were pressured into it. Such BS I have never seen any other place. (Except maybe in Muslim countries where they stone women for that). Man, give the WT a stone and no law----you all know where we would be right now.

  • theinfamousone

    ha ha... they get off on it guys... im sure they write it all own and send it straight to the gb!!! then gb gets off on it too and reinacts it in their own homoerotic way!!!! yeppers, they all get off on it!

    the infamous one

  • Highlander

    ha ha... they get off on it guys... im sure they write it all own and send it straight to the gb!!!

    So true! I'm sure, that after the JC the elders gather round and have a circle-jerk(if you know what I mean)

  • sass_my_frass

    For my reproval they wanted details, but I think it was just to know whether or not there was -un-cleanness', because at the time the society hadn't really published what was or wasn't 'un-cleanness'. So I blabbed, it was horrible. The last time, I just said, 'there was un-cleanness', and left the rest to their imagination. They didn't want the details; just to know what level of crime I'd committed.

    I'd say there are some real creeps in the heirarchy, but four out of six of my elders were guys I still respect, believe it or not. No; make that pity. They're just nice guys who are just as deluded as we all were; didn't like having to do the disfellowshipping but knew they had no choice. I am now grateful to them all for setting me free; if they'd shown 'mercy' I'd probably still think that the JW's have the truth, and my life would still be hell.


    What minimus said. I think it really depends on the particular elders in the case, one fairly recent one I was on one of the other idiots (elders) on the case asked the person if he ejaculated or not even though the KS book clearly states that climax is not necessary to constitute porneia. So there are elders out there asking overly thorough questions when they dont need to so I do believe some of the stories I hear on this forum.

  • kurious

    what the hell?....what kind of religion is this? i know alot of jw's and i dont agree with alot of their teachings but this just goes overboard....what kind of elders are at the head of ur church....why the hell arent there windows in ur buildings......whats up with all of these random confessions......what type of laws do you all abide by...your not alowwed to have sex or orgasms or wet hands? you not have ur own private lives or are ur elders just horny? not trying to criticize but it just seems that people get dfs for any thing........whats going on????

    why the hell arent there windows in ur buildings

    I really would love to know where people get this idea from? Of the 6 congs I have been in throughout my life only one of the KH's didnt have Windows and this was because it was in the inner city in NYC and it was noisy and very distracting to have them.

  • kurious

    ...its not an idea....All of the buildings i have seen have no windows, and i have see quite a few here in florida, texas, california, colorado even in the small islands of Cape Verde west i said , it is not some IDEA but thats all i've seen...anyone have an explantion?

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