Do JW's elders really want to know what kind of "sexual activities" you did

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  • Finally-Free
    Of the 6 congs I have been in throughout my life only one of the KH's didnt have Windows and this was because it was in the inner city in NYC and it was noisy and very distracting to have them.

    Same here. Most halls in Toronto have windows. The exceptions are those in higher crime areas. For that matter, I can't think of any churches that are really big on having windows. I don't get what the big deal is. People don't go to church to look out of windows. And people outside who peep through windows are not usually looked upon favourably.



    I guess I was so braindead that perhaps I didnt really notice... anyone else notice what "our lord" is saying?

  • Chimene

    Back to the original question, I have a question for it. You know how they cover up child molestation? What if, a spouse did something that was on the lines of rape. You think they would just cover that up to? Probably

  • G Money
    G Money

    Many were built without windows preparing for tribulation and vandalism. That became old light and more were built with windows in the future.

    Imagine being asked all details about a sexual misdeed and publicly reproved and then there is a local needs talk...

    A talk about what happens when two people of the opposite sex go to the beach at night and start drinking alone??? SEX!!!!!!!

    Danf, it didnĀ“t take a brain surgeon or even the smartest brush salesman, janitor or gardiner in the hall to guess who they were talkin about. But actually it was cool cuz after all, I am a guy and bangin a gal on the beach is pretty cool so people were actually envious!

  • eyeslice

    There is a sense of voyeurism in the way that elders handle cases of sexual misconduct.
    This is totally indicative of how the WTB&TS entirely miss the point of how Christ handled people.

  • Balsam

    Hey does it count if two unmarried people wake up naked after a night of drinking and don't have a clue if sex happened? Only a good CSI would have figured out if the horizonal tango really happened or they just got hot and undressed.

    You know the rules the Society set up to judge such matters just boggles the mind. To even have to ask such questions has got to be just plain uncomfortable. For JDub Elders.

    I have heard of witnesses who down right lied saying they engaged in intercourse with someone they were not married to just so they could legally divorce their JW spouse and it worked everytime.

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