My Photos - life in the Australian bush

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  • slugga

    Uncle Bruce must have deleted those pics

  • xjwms

    The phots are great


  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    What beautiful pictures. I have got to save my money and visit Australia.

  • unclebruce
    Uncle Bruce must have deleted those pics

    So sorry slugga. Thanks for all that work. How many pics can I put on in your photobucket?

    Do you have to worry about snakes and things?

    Snakes: Red belly black snakes are friendly and being forest we don't get attacked by brown snakes (a truly nasty deadly beast - king browns live in grazing country grow to 3mts long and rear up around headheight ) Tiger snakes grow very big here and can be aggressive at times, a death adder bite is bad news but you won't have to worry very long lol (at least they're short and don't chase you). One day, while driving along, I saw a 3metre long red belly black cruising .. so I pulled up, grabbed the camera from the glovebox and chased after it ... as I got near its sharp end, it turned to check me out and then I realised my mistake - this wasn't to be a photo of the biggest red belly in history but a close-up photo of the biggest tiger snake in history .. oops .. feet do you duty!


    The night hunters - Powerful Owls (endangered and standing 2ft tall are the worlds largest owl) will have a go if you're alone and in their territory, Sooty owls will come a give you a personal non-stop blood curdling scream session if you scare away their prey, Brush tail Possums will come and bite your uncovered toes (must be the fungus like aroma), antichinus always try to get in - they'd rather sleep in your bed than a forest nest (antichrists are friendly little mouse and rat sized beasts who prey on ordinary mice and rats.

    The day beasts - My place abounds with wallabies, wallaroos, kangaroos, sugar gliders, tawny frogmouths - every hollow in the forrest is home to someone.. Kookaburras are territorial and can be aggressive in their own seet way - they'll come and call at you if they're annoyed by you. Lyrebirds come and make every bird sound there is to try and scare you away from their nests, black cockatoos (an endangered species) will come and have a squarking or chattering session while checking you out, big lace monitors (poisonous thickset goannas up to 2.5mts long) prowl past looking for dead meat, Wegetailed eagles drop in to drink at the dam but they're very gentle kings of the air. Currajongs, magpies and wattlebirds can be annoying (especially the incessant squarking of thier young), forest bats chase insects about at night (some consume up to 3,000 mosquitos a night - thus no mozzie problem up on the ridge), sometimes wonga pidgeons WOOOP WOOOP al day driving me nuts and if I put the generator on for too long the black cockatoos will come and screach for me to turn the damn thing off, you'll need to be careful arround any big male kangaroos but appart from that she'll be apples (good thing you didn't ask about spiders

  • juni

    Crocky - that's a lot of beasts unclebruce!! Must be a beautiful sight - the black cockatoo. And the eagles. Sounds beautiful. We always wanted to visit Australia, but don't have the funds.

    Have to settle for the zoo. They have a koala and bring in eucalyptus from California I believe. Used to rehab wild animals and birds at a Center for 5 years. Very interesting work. One of the first things I did when I left the org. Met so many nice "worldlings" hee hee We had such good times, but then I had to get down to business and got a job in floral design - which I love to do.

    Really enjoyed your pics and your further postings. Thanks a lot!

    Have a good weekend.

    Juni :)

  • uninformed


    the place is gorgeous, the sea is unbelievable, but who is the old coot with the beard? You got crops out there that you need such a scarecrow?


  • unclebruce

    I'm sorry folks, I'm new to pics and stuffed this thread up by deleting photos from photobucke (especially the one slugga had reworked).

    I have managed to get several back up.

    but who is the old coot with the beard? ; You got crops out there that you need such a scarecrow? u

    I don't know u, I just took a photo of a strange plant and when I developed it this weird pixy appeared.

  • unclebruce

    The missing photos: Most of these were taken on Thursday, I'll post some with family and bush beasts later.

    I have a stack of leadlight windows and other antiques and old stuff to build with and once half joked to bro Farkel that I was writing a book titled "How to Build a 100 Year Old House" .

    Well here is part of a 100 year old fence I just made

    This is the "temporary humpy" I lived in while building a neighbours house further down from here and waiting for council approval. I would have had aproval to build in 2002 but for very strict new bushfie regulations and I was the first cab off the rank and used as a test case. Bega Valley Shire Council doesn't want people to build in the bush anymore.

    The Tardis almost finished. I'll be back living there shortly (and do some serious brushcutting).

    The only outside service I have is the phone line (and yes, broadband will soon be available)

    Someone said that for a man to live a full life he should take a wife, raise a child and build a house with his own hands.

    Well I better get to it before old age sets in bigtime.

    Next I will post some photos of the stamper battery, steam engine and other mining machinery (I've got to take them first).

    After waiting 5 years for building approval I was starting to lose heart but comming back after a long break has given me a new lease of life (and eight acres of re-growth to sort out

    I have had some goodnews though. Because I managed to have a Voluntary Conservation Agreement over the lower 38 acres (out of 46) I now pay 4.5% council rates (presently about $40/year.. hey some weeks a man spends that on cappicino

    cheers, unc

  • ringo5
    (antichrists are friendly little mouse and rat sized beasts who prey on ordinary mice and rats.

    I knew they weren't all that bad!

  • bem

    Uncbruce, I finally went to webshots and looked up some of the areas you posted the names of, beautiful place. It's just nicer to see someone personally post pictures. Webshots is easy to host pictures on also.and you can do several for free. I have some pictures there listed under bemsmom.

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