My Photos - life in the Australian bush

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  • unclebruce


    This is Tathra Wharf looking back over Tathra township.

    My 40 acres is in the hills to the right.

    130 years old and possibly the only one remaining on the entire Australian coast.

    It's my favorite fishing place.

    This is ballists 'ball' on Tathra beach

    how it got there is a mystery

    (my place is about 10 kilometers behind it).

    The large hill shouded in mist is Mumbulla Mountain

    (sacred to the local indigernous people)

    My place is in those hills.


    Down there somewhere to the right lol

    After driving through dense forest you suddenly come to my stone gate.

    Before I could get building approval, I had to clear 8 acres of forest for when the bush fires come.

    Now beware the place is pretty messy - I've been away for most of the past year.

    My first effort at using bush rock.

    Any resemblence to the one true cross of Christ purely coincidental (or am I in denial?)

    Just across that stretch of water lives a caveman and a dannybear and a farkel.

    The work ahead - logs to be milled (they're much bigger than they look - average 800mmm wide and over 5 tons weight)

    Dams to build, house to erect ..terraces to plant out with pinot noir .. hic..

    I lived in this bush humpy for 3 years - I had no idea building approval would take so long.

    Used to sit in there mid winter potbelly raging in one corner, me internet raging in the other lol.

    Rough as guts but it kept me warm and dry - note the apostate door knocker :)

    I found at that you can build anything up to 5mx3m without council approval so I build this little

    building and will finish it off and be living in it shortly while I get on with building the main house.

    I call it the Tardis because its bigger inside than you'd think..

    I can't tell if I'm sizing these right -

    "Marriages performed by the Captain are only valid for the duration of the vovage."


    This building was an interesting experiment using mostly scrounged materials.

    The beams were the first time I had done "draw bore with timber pegs".

    I just need a bed in the corner and I'll be comfortable.

    Heeeey how many of you have your bedroom on show! lol

    I love timber and am quite proud of the way it cleaned up (it came covered it cow and sheep crap).

    Ah neighbours - what can ya do?

  • juni

    Heh UncleBruce,

    Thanks for the pics. Beautiful scenery!! What type of house are you going to build? Do you have electric and water? Have to have septic tank and well dug?

    Keep us posted. Your temp. digs look good.

    Juni :)

  • unclebruce

    G'day juni, I'm building with 300x300 sq beams (1ftx1ft) in "barn style post and beam" with a layer of bushrock on the exterior and old bricks inside. I'm basicly building the way ships and barns were build hundreds of years ago. This is a high bushfire area so the building approvals took nearly 5 years. I have several big dams going in and two 27,000litre tanks for water. I also have a flooded mine shaft to acess ground water if needed. Power is by solar panels and generators and bottled gas. I plan to update this post every now and then, its going to be a long project. cheers, unclebruce EDIT: Pressed the wrong button - this new mouse is very sensitive (like some people here :)

  • slugga

    You live in a PINK Humpy?!?!


    Did it fall off the back of a mardi gras float


  • unclebruce

    ROTFLMAO!!! at Slugga

    Got it from the dump (a beggar can't be choosy lol

    Funny thing is, one of mates, a very tough bushman loves pink! (It's gotta go - its attracting the wrong sort already .. maybe I can rent it out to the one gay in the village? Hey jb you want a secret love shack.

  • ballistic

    Looks idyllic u/b

    I live on the coast but in a city - it's not quite the same.

  • kid-A

    looks awesome!

    Throw another 'shrimp on the barbie" !!! Im comin' on down !!!!


    Hi Uncle the pics. i spent most of my childhood summer holidays at tathra, love the place. got into a bit of mischief with local surfies too, but that was some time ago lol we will be at mandeni some time through the winter, we go every year. maybe we can catch up. what do you think? pm me if you do. cheers, bliss


    That is a beautiful area! You've taken on quite a project for looks nice.


  • Carmel

    ...the dirty old ford pu just backed over your skinny arse! Yer it!


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