You've rented a billboard in front of a KH. What would you put on it?

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  • rwagoner

    Publishing direct quotes from OUR OWN publications that we GAVE AWAY FOR FREE is embrassing and damages our reputation......wts lawyers in a lawsuit to force a research website to close.

  • rwagoner

    Got Friends and Family that you'd really never like to see again ?

    Want to avoid boring holiday and family functions ?

    Decided that parenthood isn't for you and need a way to ditch the kids ?

    Get shunned by the Jehovah's Witnesses and all this could be yours !

  • DigitalFokus

    The stupid suit your wearing -- 200$

    The cheap breifcase full of propaganda -- 10$

    Donations for WT and awake and everything else the WTS makes you donate to -- 300$

    Flipin' the bird to the elders that Disfellowship you and then leading a NORMAL life free of all this cult action and prude sisters...


  • DigitalFokus


    There are no windows on this Kingdom Hall.

    Car stereo Liquidation!!!!!!!!!!

  • ballistic

    JESUS IS COMING... ~ look busy

  • hartstrings

    You guys are great! I love u/d's the best. I think if you could get them to think about anything, it would be best to direct them to something their own leaders have put in print. Obviously, this is the most damaging thing to the WTS as seen by Quotes' site. They know that interested ones will be warned about apostates, as are the r/f, but when something they said (and the more recent the better) is shown to be dangerous, what can they do??


  • TresHappy

    If you want to really screw up your life, come on in!

  • moshe

    An understanding householder who lived right across the street from the KH that helped and encouraged my wife to divorce me let me put up a small sign in the front yard- about the size a realtor would use- It said:

    Ask -my name- how Jehovah's Witnesses Destroy families.

    I kept it up for a month- then my wife let me come back home - I took the sign down- We still ended up in divorce, but I had made my point. They built a new KH 5 miles away in a new city a few years later.

  • uninformed


    That was the best. All the others were good too. But hands down, you win.


  • lisaBObeesa

    Love is Kind. 1 Cor 13:4

    Shunning is not.

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