JW message board talking about "famous" apostates

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  • KW13
  • rebel8
    Thanks Rebel8, I didn't know that it was a parody. Sometimes, my skull is SO dense.

    Not the least bit denser than anyone else's! (I called a cattle ranch a cow farm recently.)

  • wednesday

    where is the mention for 1-800-WHY-1914 ) (1800-949-1914)

    no apostate list could ever be complete without them

  • TheListener

    Those people are nutty. I read some of the threads and they just appear to be nutty.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    KW13 , I just checked that site out and your post. There is someone on there using the same nickname I use on here !!! .... I'm sick.... How do I get a new name ?

  • M.J.

    yes, they appear quite unbalanced.

  • Clam
    Why is it that 9 times out of 10, whenever you read something posted by a JW, whether it be on this or some other site, why can't they ever spell worth a lick? I was a good speller when I was a JW.

    LOL - ditto

    KW13 thats a very interesting link. If only those people would come on here and debate...

  • Clam

    Member SHITO said:

    As been said before reguarding discussion boards and apostates:
    "If you build it (db's), they (apostates) will come!"

    Good call humbleman and troubledmind!


  • KW13

    haha. They know who i am

  • M.J.

    Good thing "the law of the land" doesn't permit them to kill you.

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