Locks of Love--Can you ever imagine JWs doing such a thing?

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  • rebel8
    To say that JWs never engage in charitable work is nonsense - to say that it is banned is nonsense.

    That is a great example of twisting around my words. Please read all of my posts in a thread before insulting me in the future, and if you're going to do it, at least tell the truth.

  • carla

    For the jw's who are posting I suggest just try googling if jw's do any charity works. See how many hits you get. I cannot understand the many jw's who have been to the board and simply because THEY haven't seen something themself, it doesn't exist (much like the pedophile policy). There are numerous stories of jw's who out of the goodness of their heart want to do some charitable work that touches their heart for some reason. When they do, they are marked, shunned and treated like crap. Why? Because they fed the hungry, gave water to the thirsty, comfort to the brokenhearted and so on.

    The mere fact that jw's feel the need to 'ask' permission from some windowwasher elder if they CAN help their fellow man is disgusting to the outside world. Jw's can't see why. They truly cannot comprehend why others see this as a cult.

    There are many religious org's that open their books to the public, or can verify that the money they get is being used for charitable works. Not peddling their mag's. I have been looking for years for a paper trail that jw's feed anybody. Nothing. If as they claim that they do (the r & f make this claim all the time), there would be a paper trail to verify it. So jw's get off your high horse and open your eyes. The WT is ripping people off and using God's name to do it.

  • MsShockJock

    I knew of a sister who would sell her hair for money. I think it went to cancer patients. The idea of donating something to a charity isn't heard of too often. The witnesses I knew always wanted money for everything. I also knew a sister who would give boxes of clothes to a charity but then she would get a receipt so she could itemize the "donation" on her taxes. Not that there is anything wrong with deducting donations from your taxes, but she used to ask other sisters for their leftover garage sale items for this purpose. She must have had quite a deduction in her taxes.

  • dozy

    "That is a great example of twisting around my words. Please read all of my posts in a thread before insulting me in the future, and if you're going to do it, at least tell the truth."

    Hmm - accused by an apostate of twisting words & telling porkies! Why do the words Pot , Kettle & Black spring to mind!

  • rebel8

    hmmm.....labeled as an "apostate" by someone the Bible prohibits to judge others...why do the words "remove the rafter" come to mind?

    If you're going to visit this forum, is there a reason you can't refrain from insulting others? Doesn't the Bible teach politeness? Aren't you supposed to be setting an example of good behavior? You said in your previous posts that you try to follow the Bible and "serve Jah with all your heart". How pleased is He with your behavior now?

    Are JWs the only ones that deserve the benefit of the doubt, or should they all be called liars just because they belong to a certain org, or should the same courtesy be extended to everyone like Jesus did? You are so willing to call me a liar and apostate just because I belong to this forum...nice words to a complete stranger....I wonder who said this:

    I don't really understand the point. Their view of lying - do you know these individuals? I have had many open and honest discussions of the truth with family and associates -

    .....it was YOU. Most JW apologists come to this forum because they realize their views need adjustment and they openly seek that by posting their longstanding beliefs. They usually adjust their views once they realize they are skewed. Is that why you are here?

  • dozy

    Lets go back to your original contention - the implication that JWs wouldn't donate their hair to charity. What was your motive behind raising such a topic? What point were you trying to make - other than to try to criticise , by implication , Jehovah's witnesses (of whom I see you were one , once.)Various posters , both existing JWs & ex-JWs stated that they knew of witnesses who had done this , so your assertion was misguided and wrong.

    It would seem that some ex-witnesses are more than happy to be termed "apostate" - some wear it as a badge of honour. They call their gatherings apost-fests. One man in my territory openly tells any witnesses who call that he is an apostate (he used to be a witness years ago - faded but not DF). Reckons he is a bit of a Rutherford expert.

    Your website strongly implies apostacy (apostate n. One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause) but if you do not wish to be labelled as such , then I do apologise.

  • rebel8

    My purpose in raising the topic was to critique JWs--in perfect harmony with the purpose of this forum. Ignore it if you wish--I clarified my meaning after my first post. It was not misguided, deceptive, etc....just a poor choice of words....which I immediately clarified and now consider to be a closed matter.

    Why are you here? You seem to be a fairly intelligent person. I believe you are here to figure out what to think/do, and critiquing/labeling/debating ex-JWs helps ease the transition for you.....something like, "I'm putting aside belief A and B but refuse to think of yourself as bad as horrible Satanic lying apostates." Rubbing elbows with people who you regard as badder than you makes you feel better about your transition. Am I right?

    Just because a whacked out cult labels me...does not make the label true. If Satan called you an adulterer, would that make you an adulterer? Of course not, because truth is objective and unaffected by name calling.

    It would seem that some ex-witnesses are more than happy to be termed "apostate" - some wear it as a badge of honour.

    That's nice, but since it has nothing to do with me, I don't know why you're bringing it up. Again I have to ask--is it appropriate to give only JWs the benefit of the doubt as individuals?

    These ways to think about "nonbelievers" are ingrained upon you; I know because I once believed them. I don't blame you for believing it in the past--now is the time to challenge old/illogical thought processes.

    Have a nice weekend.

  • DanTheMan
    The more I read apostate websites , the less respect I have for you guys!

    Why worry dozy? After all, we'll be the first to get murdered by Jerhober when the Armageddon Smackdown gets underway. Real soon now...

  • IronClaw
    The more I read apostate websites , the less respect I have for you guys!

    I find it funny how all these JW's say things like this, and at the same time say they LOVE Jehovah. How can they LOVE Jehovah and be here on this site at the same time. Obviously they don't give a sh-t about Jehovah and have absolutely no respect for him as well.

    Actually I have little respect for you because you speek out of both ends of your holes.

    Don't turn around cause you may turn into a pillar of Salt.

  • simplesally

    Willow, why are the elders getting mad at you for being bald???

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