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  • OpenFireGlass

    Hello everyone! Finally have the time to type more than a sentance....

    My name is, Mike Warren... That's my real age in my profile...& yes that's my real pic

    Though I was never baptized, I was raised in the silly religion... my parents started their study in early 1974 (at least i got 1birthday &1 christmas, not that i remember...) Mom was baptized in less than a year after she started her study... It took my father about 7-8 more years to give up smoking, but he still made all the meetings & ruled with a leather belt.

    I also have a younger sister that has faded (she got baptized). She's funny... she'll talk all kinds-a-crap about how she doesen't like the JW lifestyle, but thinks i'm over the edge for surfing "apostate" websites.(i've been lurking for about 3-5 years).

    Anyway, I attended The Essex (baltimre) Maryland cong. till I was about 14 years old, Then we move to Winchester Virginia for a couple years where we attended the Winchester cong. before moving back to Baltimore...

    I was kicked out of my house just before I turned 17 after our return to Baltimore; which pretty much brought me to my full senses about something not being right...

    Now I reside in Eureka California with my 2 kids & wife( not married on paper, But I ain't going anywhere)

    Yes I left out all the juice, but I'm open to a game of 20 Questions.....

    BTW, I love this place


  • lisaBObeesa


    As for the twenty questions........

    Question 1: Why did they kick you out of your house? Where did you go? (I left home at 18, and it was not easy.)


  • stillajwexelder

    An official welcome

  • lisaBObeesa

    Oh and question 2: What does your name mean? Are you a glass artist?

  • misspeaches

    Welcome OpenFireGlass

    I can so relate to your sister who faded still finding that looking at 'apostate' material to be over the top. It baffles me actually when I have friends who are of the same mind set.

    Anyway I think its great that you introduced yourself. I look forward to hear more from you. You sound pretty balanced despite a lost childhood.

  • Gretchen956

    Welcome! Can't wait to read more about your story!


  • damselfly
    BTW, I love this place

    Me too!

    Love the nic, what made you choose it? ( my guess is you are a glassblower? warm or cold? lol )

    I left home young as well under less then ideal circumstances, I think it made me a much stronger person then I would have been otherwise.


  • OpenFireGlass
    Question 1: ; Why did they kick you out of your house? ; Where did you go?&nbsp

    Because I could not do anything to please my parents (I tried), so I finally started hanging out with lot's of worldly freinds, not coming home on meeting nights (more less, I got sick of the physical discipline)... I ended up living with relatives for a little while, then ended up following "The Grateful Dead" around the country till Jerry died. The I had to get a real life....

    Yes I'm A glass artist

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    hi mike,

    striking avatar.

    just makes me wanna alt whip it

  • Chimene

    Hey Mike! What part of California are you from? I was born and raised in San Diego

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