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  • daystar

    Great glasswork! You don't, by any chance, rent booths at Ren Faires, do ya?

  • omerp

    I go here all the time to lurk and I find this place very interesting. I'm not a former Jehovah's witness but I do have a nephew and a friend who is and I got interested in them after my nephew didn't go to his grand fathers, my fathers funeral! It really took me back and then I wanted to know all about them. I seen the video Jehovah's Witness A Cult and learned about their beliefs. I strongly suggest you download this video. You can do a search for the video or download it using Kazaa or something similar. I myself am a practicing Catholic so don't all gang up on me. Ha ha!

  • poppers

    Welcome, Mike. Beautiful artwork.

  • GetBusyLiving
    ended up following "The Grateful Dead" around the country till Jerry died.

    Great to meet another fellow dope smoker. Welcome to the board.


  • desbah

    hi mike,

    Though I was never baptized, I was raised in the silly religion...

    we have something in common, I never did like going door to door and sitting through all thoes boring meetings!

    My question is what is your favorite "dead heads" concert and what's their greatest album? oh by the way gr8 art work.


  • Worldly

    Great artwork, Mike. Do you have relatives in Alberta, Canada by any chance?

  • Only 18
    Only 18

    Ok Mike, ill be frank. I was once a practicing JW but i have subsequently fallen away. I think its a little harsh to say that the religion is 'silly'. I agree that some things thst go on i dont agree with but never the less i think that they are good people. At least they are trying to do things right. The only advice i can give you is that you should let your sis make the decision for herself as to what she wants to do with JW. I know i did and i think for me personally its was the right choice to leave but that doesnt mean that it is the right choice for everyone. Hope this is helpful. Shane

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