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  • OpenFireGlass
    Do you make your own canes?

    Yes, I make all of my own Murine, & millefiore

  • lisaBObeesa

    I love the sculptures!!!!!! Two of my favoite things: art glass and tropical fish!



    WOW!!! You are really talented!!! Love all your work!



  • OpenFireGlass
    how did you become an artist? so many of us raised jw were never given the opportunity to learn any skill or craft.

    with out a formal education, there's not too many choices. LOL. Seriously though, I still don't have a GED... I'm not Stupid... I really lived my first 8 years out of JW-land thinking armagedom was going to come; & i wanted to have fun & not bother with getting an education...DUH . It wasn't till after my kids were a few years old that I started to shape up.... And I started looking for websites about jw after the year 2000

  • aquagirl

    welcome mike!!im new here myself,but its been very good to read about others in the same boat as we are..i sorta thought my background was unique,but coming here i realize there are many of us who were involved in that cult and it really did leave a mark on us..your art is amazing!!!!

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    i love glass. paperweights & marbles especially.

    i don't see a click to buy button on your website.

    i love these.

  • watson

    Looks like Humboldt County is a good fit for you! Ah, the 70's at Humboldt State!!

  • Clam

    Mike hello and welcome.

    Your work is very good. You're very lucky to have such a talent.

    Like you, I had my life put on hold, neglecting an education for a while because I was expecting this to happen:


    What was I thinking? Oh well managed to escape and catch up, and be a functioning inhabitant of the real plant earth.

    Take care


  • anewme

    Welcome Welcome Welcome Mike!

    Wow! You look so much like one of my relatives I lost in the JWs!!!!

    And you live in my favorite part of the world!!!!

    I claim you as family!

    Actually I will be moving up there soon!

    It is such a refreshing pleasure to have you on the forum!

    Enjoy yourself!


  • acadian

    Hello Mike and Welcome to the board!

    Were neighbors, I'm in the Redding area, about 3 1/2 hrs east from you.

    Went to your site. nice work! I create paper mache art, www.acadianoutpost.com I'm always looking for stuff for my paper mache, and you make marbles. Can you make marbles look like cat's eyes?

    Anyway, welcome to the board Mike!


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