Elders teach "Don't raise your hat to a lady! - it's worldly."

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  • ozziepost

    As a footnote:

    as you can imagine, being called into "the backroom' meant that my father was being warned that his standing (reputation) in the congregation was in danger of being damaged.

    How stupid it was! Here was a man who 'gave up' a lot in 'the world' to become a Witness, yet instead of embracing him and rejoicing, they berated and threatened him!

  • ferret

    Do they dictate what color toilet tissue can be used. Don't tell me there is a wt article on it.

  • yucca

    Toilet paper was invented by the chinese AD1391 The bureau of imperial supplies began producing 720,000 sheets of toilet paper a year,each sheet measuring two feet by three feet. For use by the emperors united states packaged toilet paper in 1857. The chinese were pagan so the JWS should not be using toilet paper. It should be a disfellowship offense.I think its very worldly to use toilet paper. what do you think? yucca


  • juni


    They should go back to using the Sears Catalog pages. I remember before we "came in" in 1970 that the bros could only wear white shirts. They finally let up and ok ed colored shirts. How daring!!

  • Atlantis
  • purplesofa
    Hat removal would be too inconvenient for the woman? Then why is it the man that is supposed to rise when a woman enters a room or comes to or leaves the table, and never the woman? Is it too inconvenient again? Is she pinned to the chair, as the hat is pinned to her head? What custom does exist whereby women show respect to men? The absence of any is not just by chance, but is by satanic design to untheocratically elevate the woman above the man.

    I am still not believing this.................

    Lets do this..........How about when a man tips his hat at a woman...........she do the respectful thing and flip him the bird. Then we could really be elevated.

    Man and woman were not created equal in power and glory; the man came first and was given special prerogatives. As Jehovah is the head over his wifely organization, and as Christ is the head over his espoused church, so the man is the head over the woman. It is the woman that is commanded to show respect and recognition of the man’s position of headship, and women who rebel at it are not so much rebelling against men as they are against

    I am mad now because I will never be able to accept this gesture without refering to this article.

    Are they insinuating if the custom was for the woman to tip her hat at a man............then that would be showing the proper respect?

    I know I am being silly going on.............but there are so much more important things to worry about.

    How stupid it was! Here was a man who 'gave up' a lot in 'the world' to become a Witness, yet instead of embracing him and rejoicing, they berated and threatened him!


    I emailed this to my JW friends........am curious to hear there response.

  • Effervescent

    It's interesting to see how little things have changed. Attitudes are still the same. Outlook toward women is the same, stupid rules for inane practices still the same. It's just like watching a really bad soap opera. You can miss a year or five, tune back in and the same people are still living the same screwed up lives.

  • delilah

    Here was a man who 'gave up' a lot in 'the world' to become a Witness, yet instead of embracing him and rejoicing, they berated and threatened him!

    Some things will never change in that religion, Ozzy. and they wonder why so many young ones are leaving.....?

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    *** w52 4/15 pp. 254-255 Questions from Readers ***

    Oh yeah, I remember that time. That was the time when the organization was able to read people's minds. So people that thought they were just being courteous were really imitating Satan. Thank God for the organization!

    But wait! New light made them aware that they could not read people's minds or impute motive. Thank God for new light!

    If a person sneezes should I say 'bless you' or ignore the event? If I say 'bless you', I'm imitating the Pope; therefore, I imitate Satan. While I debate the issue in my mind, the person who sneezed hopes I didn't notice or maybe that I am rude. Who knows?

    Thank God for the organization that taught me how to think and enjoy a heightened spiritual awareness. Until they receive new light of course.

  • cyd0099

    I am taking the Borsalino out of the box this weekend and tipping it to every woman I see. I may even walk past the Catholic Church as well as see what happens...

    Geez, Whatever happened to my yoke is light?

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