Elders teach "Don't raise your hat to a lady! - it's worldly."

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  • undercover

    Man, what a flashback...

    I remember as a kid that tipping your hat to a lady was concerned Satanic. Never understood the reasoning behind it, and as a child of the new generation raised in the sixties, I knew I would never wear a hat so I didn't worry about it.

    Has there been any "new light" on this? Would this still be considered the current teaching if it has never been mentioned again?

    It would be fun to drop that little tidbit of information on an unsuspecting new generation dub. Sometimes it's not the big bombs that cause doubts, but the little things that boggle the modern mind.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Specifically, why would a woman want this special show of respect from a man? One woman said in response to this question: "You don’t know how important it makes a woman feel to have a man tip his hat to her." That is sufficient reason for Christians to refrain from the custom. It is not in the interests of the individual to make him feel important, whether the individual is male or female.

    I am nearly seething over this Question from Readers comment. In all my years as a witness, I never felt like this. It did not represent me and my thinking. I did not even know it was 'taboo' until now.

    How putrid the reasoning. I respect women. I often open doors and tip my hand or hat to them. How dare these devils compare it on some level to human elevation to the point of near worship.

    I have not read the entire thread, as I was so angered by the Questions from Readers that I could not go on. I am steamed up.

    All you former, or current sisters here, all women that see this: I tip my hat to you. I think it is in the interest of the individual to be made to feel important.

    How did I ever spend my years associating with these jerks? To those bethel spies or GB moles looking in, I tip my ass to you. Wouldn't want to make you feel too important.


  • Golf

    Would that apply with a 'wig' also?


  • wombat

    Yeah..I was about 18 or 19 and a bunch of us were heading out to the bush to spread the good news..

    You gotta look the part of a bushie so I bought myself an expensive Akubra. This is an iconic Australian's hat worn by farmers and graziers in the outback.

    Then I was told not to take it as I would be expected to tip it if I met a lady. That would be untheocratic. Gee I was pissed off...........Wombat

  • Gill

    Stilla! I'm with you! Bollocks to it! If I was a man, I too would now wear a hat and take it off to every woman I met.

    This is one of those Watchtower articles that has me wanting to run screaming to the nearest wall and bang my head on it. Who the hell are these idiot, men who make up this crap! Sorry I forgot! The evil homicidal maniac God, Jehovah is directing their every decision.

    I was especially insulted by the 'women were not made with the same glory' or whatever shit that Watchtower was spouting!

    It's clearly a chicken and egg situation - If there's no women, there's no men. If there's no men, there's no women!

    How much simpler can it be?!

    All I can say to the ruddy FDS is $%#!&*&%!!!!!$#@%$#%%%%!!!!!!!!!!! ( Non of it is repeatable in polite company)!

  • james_woods

    There is a sign in the famous Alamo here in Texas which says "Gentlemen will please remove their hats..."

    So, if you went there should you go ahead and wear a hat and NOT take it off because the Alamo used to be a religious building?

    Or, is it not probably wrong to ever go to the Alamo in the first place because of Babylon the great?

    But wait, it fell long before there ever were JWs - so it may just be a historic landmark?

    Oh, and remember that if a sister did a field service meeting or some such she had to put a little scarf on her head...a paper napkin or most anything else would do if she DIDN'T have a hat...

    (I am so confused)

  • ozziepost

    Note tthat my father was 'taken into the backroom' for his supposed 'crime'. This meant that he was being bullied into submission to force him to deny his natural instinct of politeness and comply with what 'the Organisation' directed..

    Yet there are still many who deny that the borg is a cult!

  • DigitalFokus

    i got a subscription to the WT and Asleep mags so i can wipe my ass with them.

  • Poztate
    His crime? He had been seen raising his hat when greeting women!!!!

    My father did it as a matter of habit - to him it was politeness and showed respect to women.

    Well...They did have to nip this sin in the bud. Who knows what it might have led. Before you know it men might have started to hold doors open for ladies and we know that is a definite SIN. In view of gods opinion of women they really should be holding the doors for us.


  • simplesally

    I wonder if there is an article that says it's Satanic to open the door for a woman???

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