The JW's are a non-issue....

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  • M.J.

    Mormons are a much bigger issue where I live.

  • OpenFireGlass
    But anyone who has to deal with JW family members who refuse blood in a life-threatening situation is dealing with a major issue of JWism.

    Losing a family member because they adhere to the policy of refusing blood will be ;a life changing experience. ;

    ex-JW's or people who have to deal with them!

    these are the reasons I'm here / still have issues...

  • M.J.

    before I married into JW-dom I could care less about them. The religious world in my perspective was divided between evangelical protestants and catholics. JWs were some sort of insignificant aberration not worth noting much. I only knew one growing up. He was pretty cool...a little dorky though .

    I had no clue about their beliefs other than the "neutrality" thing, which kind of ticked me off. JW boy didn't participate in our class presidential debates and a bunch of other stuff which I thought was kind of strange. Funny thing though, years later when I saw him he was in the armed forces. I wonder if he's on this board...

  • Gill

    So true, U/D!

    If it wasn't for the fact that we all 'lost' a lot of our lives to the cult, I'm sure most of us wouldn't give them a second thought, just as the rest of the world doesn't give them a second thought.

  • joelbear

    in a historical or global perspective they have had very little effect. even when grouped with the other cultish religions, 7th day, scientoligists, christan science, etc. they still have not had much effect on the social dynamics of the world's population.

    western culture is shaped by the media and the east's will be too as soon as they get wired. only religions with large political clout remain meaningful and they are not well defined. the most powerful religious man in the US right now is James Dobson, who has a church, but his powerbase is spread over people from many denominations. he is really a politician.

  • Honesty

    Personally, they are an issue. I do my best to help every one of them see how they are being lied to, cheated out of life's simple pleasures and deceived into believing that they are doing God's will by an evil corporation that is using and harming them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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