The JW's are a non-issue....

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  • upside/down

    Think about it...

    If it wasn't for the fact that most of us are/were Dubs...we wouldn't even notice their existence.

    I used to say that when I was a Dub (to the scorn of all)...when they would talk about the WT & AW being the most widely "read" (they took liberty with the word "distributed") mags on earth BULLSH*T!

    Except for my visiting JWD... there is almost NO evidence of the existence of the Dubs in my life...they are a NON-ISSUE!

    They are a lot of DRAMA bout nuthin...really...if you'll step back and notice...

    Agree or Disagree?

    u/d(of the where there's no fuel the fire goes out class)

  • undercover

    For some of us, I'm sure it's a non-issue. Except for the occassional family gathering or running into a JW, it's not an issue for me at all.

    But, I'm sure many have much more to deal with than I do. Believing mates, nosy parents or siblings can make it a very big issue every single day.

  • kristyann

    Well, to me, they are an issue, because I am really annoyed by them today. And I really hate what they did to my boyfriend (and also what his family did to me)... so it is an issue for me. I wish it weren't, and I know it shouldn't be... but it still bothers me. Hopefully, after time goes on, I will get a hold of myself and stop loathing them so much. I know that it's not good to despise them... it's unhealthy for ME and it's energy consuming. I really wish it wasn't an issue for me, but it just is.

    But for the MAJORITY of people... most people couldn't care less about them, as far as I can tell. Like I've said before, I don't think people really think too much of them. Most people just view them as weird and annoying, and will make a casual joke about them... like "Oh, I slammed the door in their faces!" or whatever. But I don't think most people consider them too relevant... although I know if the issue does come up, the most popular topic seems to be the blood issue. And most people are just completely disgusted and confused by it. But as far as most people's day to day lives... the only ones who really care about JWs are JWs themselves, and the ex-JWs, and those of us closely affected by JWs because of family, etc.

  • Swan

    They may be a non-issue to the world at large, but they have caused untold suffering, nonetheless.


  • Brigid

    Agreed--for me. They certainly shaped my early days and that, in turn became a part of who I am today (and I love that person). My mother and brother are still in but other than that, I could care. I just like being here.


  • Hecklerboy

    I agree, I've lived at my current address for 6 years and they've only stopped by twice. Once we weren't home (they left a track) and the second time they caught my wife when she was on her way out the door. She was not very happy about that.

    I never see any of the JW's around.

  • trevor

    I agree upside/down.

    They are just an unnoticed boil on the backside of humanity noticed only by those who have been to bed with them - metaphorically speaking!

  • upside/down

    They are legends in their own one elses.

    I'm not saying they don't affect some...cheezuz... I was a HUGE "victim"...but that's irrelevant to the big picture.

    In the cosmic scheme of things... they are NOTHING. They affect an almost insignicant part of humanity. But they actually think that EVERYONE is enamored with them...that they are the topic of daily conversation EVEYWHERE...and that people love what is wicked ('cept them) and actually mentally make up their minds to "be bad" and therefore reject the Dub "message" due to that...not because they're an ineffective sales force for a multi-million dollar tax-free publishing company.

    The believe the whole "world" is in a conspiracy AGAINST's complete nonsense.

    I suppose the Eskimo's could make the same claim...or the Irish...or....

    u/d(of the thinks they're drama queens class)

  • kristyann

    I think we are probably the only ones that discuss them on a regular basis.

    Do they REALLY THINK that everyone else does?

  • kls

    Agreed but living with a jw helps with the reminder . But even if my husband ever quits the cult i will never stop proclaiming who and what the cult really are, so for me ,they will never go away .

    How ya doining Uncle?

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