Do You Ever Have Dreams About Being A JW?

by minimus 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I dream occasionally that I am still in the wts, still going door to door and attending all the meetings. I wake up very relieved that it is just a dream.

  • minimus

    These dreams must mean somethin'.

  • blondie

    It means it's time to drink a couple of stiff drinks before bedtime.

  • Swan


    Those are actually the best kind of dreams to have, and I have had many with that same recurring theme. You are at (1.kingdom hall, 2.assembly hall, 3.stadium) and you recognize what's (1.going on, 2.being said) as being stupid an inane to the point that you want out of there. You stand up (for yourself) and tell everyone they are nuts and make your exit. Sometimes they are mortified by your actions, but sometimes they just ignore you and keep right on going with their meeting like robots. It generally ends with you feeling empowered that you left.


  • sass_my_frass
    One said,"well, they have prince, we might as well have you."

    ... HA you guys slay me.

    Used to have a lot of nightmares; these days I have a lot of dreams that I'm with witnesses, am disfellowshipped, and they're trying to work out how to get rid of me. I'm getting on with the regular activities of the day and then realise, 'oh ha hey sorry yeah right, I'm supposed to be invisible', and I just laugh. Have never gotten past that though; I don't know if I politely excuse myself, head bowed, or stick around and make it their problem. Hopefully the latter, if it ever happens in real life. Haven't had a 'run-in' yet with any former friends.

  • beautifulisfree

    I am so glad I am not the only one...Having 'dreams' about the J.W's I have had so many I wouldn't know where to start and they are always so graphic. When I wake up from them it takes me a few minutes to realize that it isn't real. And afraid to fall back asleep. Because I don't want to have another one. So, I usaully just lay there till I have to get up for work. But, the most recent one I had was that my old hall threw blood all over my yard and wrote 'sinners' in the fresh snow with blood.

  • minimus

    Swan, you're right!! Blondie, maybe I had the dream because of the drinks, eh?

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