2005 WT CD-ROM now on reexamine.org

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  • Poztate
    A question though for the general JWD population, this new WT CD is 423 MB, yet the 2004 WT CD is 366 MB. What is on there that would make the file so much bigger.

    Maybe it is JW Spyware Version 1. You will be OK as long as you don't hit the porn sites or "heaven forbid"www.reexamine.org

    If you do the report goes into WT Headquarters and you will be invited to a meeting with three elders...Just Kidding.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    At install it does specifically mention not to have any anti-virus software running, but thats along with the standard instruction to have all other apps closed. It is a might larger though, isn't it?

    Anyway, the help file has a blurb on the cd's new features and enhancements. Maybe all this does account for the increase. Maybe not. Here's the reformatted list:

    Daily Text view: Display the day’s text and Theocratic Ministry School schedule.

    Synchronize: Display the same article at the same location in multiple sessions of Watchtower Library. This is especially useful when working with two or more language editions of Watchtower Library.

    Select initial view: Select the view to display when Watchtower Library is first opened.

    Delete a sent item from Sent Items Preview: Delete one or more sent items from Sent Items Preview.

    Bold citations: Display Bible citations as bold text when extracting citations and also when viewed in the verse-only mode.

    Question links: Display the question for a paragraph in a ToolTip

  • Super_Becka

    Ooo, I can't wait to take a look through this CD!! Thing is, I'm having some minor difficulties with it.

    OK, I downloaded the ISO file and I downloaded that tool to burn the ISO file onto a blank CD, but I can't get the damn thing to work!!

    I did everything the instructions said to do, and it starts to burn the file, but then it gives me a "generic error" after 7% and the process fails, and I'm stuck with another unusable CD.

    Normally, I'd ask my boyfriend how to work this thing, but of course, he'd ask what I needed to burn an ISO file for, and I really don't want to have to say, "Oh, why the 2005 Watchtower Library CD so I can research your beliefs and show how evil the WTS really is".

    Anyone know what to do?? I'm getting sick of making coasters here!!

    -Becka :)

  • ballistic

    I don't know the tool you are trying to use so can't really help. You could try Nero, that will burn ISOs for you if you have it.

  • slugga

    Super B

    Try using this iso burner, its freeware (free) and idiot proof, you just drag the iso file onto the program window. If you can't do that simply install the program and then right click on the iso file to get the menu up


  • slugga

    Can I just add a word of caution to this thread / site. Distributing this software like this probably violates some sort of Copyright that's held by the WTBTS on this software

    The Wtbts would love to shut this site down and this could be just the excuse they need to start legal proceedings, namely that the site is being used to unlawfully distribute copyright material / software.

    Please be a little discreet if you're going to download it.

  • upside/down

    I gotta a 'puter with some nadz and a lightning fast cable hook-up...

    It's tellin me 16 hours to download! WTF?

    Oh well...


  • stillAwitness

    Good lookin out my friend!

  • nicolaou

    Works great, many thanks! (And ditto what slugga said)

  • anglise


    Works perfectly.


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