Are the demons harassing you?

by Gill 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wombat

    Bloody hell.....I just drank a demonised can of beer.

    I wonder which one of the twelve it was.

  • IMustBreakAway

    I have never experinced anything that would make me believe in spirit forces. I wish i had. It would clear up a lot. I even read "the lesser keys of solomon." hoping to invoke some kind of reply. But in answer there came none...

  • slugga
    now you dun it slugga, here comes queen joelbear and her demon detector

    I said "sisters"

  • TopHat

    If you want the demons to come to you....They can't....they are to busy in the middle east getting muslims all riled up over a cartoon. They love to play stupid games with humans. What's next?...No tellen!

  • peacefulpete

    That is hilarious Leolaia! Just what superstitions are they saying are dispelled through knowledge? Belief in demons? Apparently not. Belief in hauntings and possessions? Nope. Belief that voodo and witchcraft are effective? Nope they accept all these as truly dangerous contact with evil spirits. They don't dispell superstitions they simply modified them to fit their theology. Its like the man who says black cats don't bring bad luck , thats just a superstition, its striped ones that bring bad luck.

  • tetrapod.sapien


    hehe, thanks, i'll take my chances.


    But I hear some of his followers are still around at the WTS. I think they have a phone number too...
    no. the WTS are Christians, thank you very much. just another protestant sect from the USA. if they are from satan, then so are all xians. TS

    I have gone and seen this:

    I think that if you are interested in contacting the spirit world, you have to go where they are sometimes. My son travels with his job and they had to stay at an old hotel that was being renovated in Louisville Ky. My son always got a room in the new section, while some of the people he traveled with didn't. One guy had brought his wife along and when they got in the room all kinds of strange things started happening. The TV turned on by itself. The water did also. It did this during the night as well...they requested another room. Lots of people go there just to stay in the old part and see if anything happens!!! Most people that have encounters are pretty shaken by the experience and don't care to return!!!


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